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This Week: News Makers of Polar Contrasts

This Week: News Makers of Polar Contrasts

This last cold week of February, ought eight, brought some stark characters, vast differences apart, to the news highlights, at least in Canada.

In the good guy corner, however, there was only one, perhaps the last one in anyone’s lifetime of today. William F. Buckley Jr. died. He was not only the most brilliant conservative to breathe his last this week, he was the most honest, the most humble, and the most sincerest, and the most apolitically correct whose logical reasoning was impeccable.

If he wasn’t the small h, holy father, of conservatism he was the Albert Einstein of conservatism.
In a time when all of North America was taken over by an invasion of old Europe academic subversive Marxism, primarily through class envy loaded militant unionism, through physical academia takeover, in a severe war weakened state, (that was forced to let high school graduates go directly into teaching), and a secular institution of populist nihilist and narcissist cults easily championed over good, in media, and entertainment…. Buckley didn’t care about being ‘liked’ for not giving people what they desired, but rather, thought, for what was good for them.

And here it was his brilliant way of holding up the Truth of Christ through the only tool comprehended by those who refuse to believe, the logic of man, that earned Buckley the respect from friend and foe alike.

The Catholic Church was intentionally invaded by populist perverse Marxists too, at a difficult time when what it really needed was men like a Buckley, not an abundance of homosexual obsessed Marxists that gutted most Holy Orders and the Church thru to today.

But, that’s history with no bright lights, or sparks for that matter on the horizon.

In total opposition to the likes of a Buckley, Ontario gave Curious George Smitherman yet another innocuous fifteen minutes of fame. The Ontario Minister of Un-health is curious and “serious” of what it would be like to wear adult diapers for a period of hours. This little political brouhaha of the dishonourable mostly snide Minister, brought back a memory of what a western sexuality guest speaker put forth to Durham Region Catholic high school kids.

A former nurse, (admittedly much younger than TVO’s former Talk Sex with Swedish Granny’ Sue… For Kids) she warned any young boys thinking of trying ‘cool’ anal sex with each other, that she had relatively, young homosexual male patients prematurely. to say the least, who had to wear diapers for lack of sphincter muscle control.

Now the slang word for sphincter would always first, (second or third.. tops) word- associate with Smitherman in my mind, but in light of a real problem facing homosexual men I wonder if Smitherman’s ‘experiment’ indeed wasn’t a serious offer, in political hindsight that would be used to explain/excuse any unfortunate, emergency trip to the hospital involving trouser removal.

And in case anyone forgot, I like to remind them, that the Liberal Minister appointed homosexual obnoxious activist was the one and the same shinning knight, who picked up the cause of Mark Hall, the Catholic teenager in deep distress who couldn’t attend the Catholic school class prom with his adult male date.

Of course we also had Smitherman’s Liberal Godfather and Anthony Perkins dead ringer on looks and mannerisms, to whom Georgie owes everything in the news lately too.

I am not amazed that Communion fork tongue licking ’Catholic’ anti-life and anti-family Dalton
McGuinty (who has yet to spark any new baby ‘boy’ name fads), announced that he wants to flush the Lord’s Prayer down the Parliament Building’s gold encrusted toilet, but that it was not already done ten to twenty years ago.

His typical B.S. liberal hocked up sputum goes that Ontario is so diverse now (read liberal and standing for absolutely zilch) that we should take turns with different prayers not just the Christian Lord’s Prayer. (So why don’t we celebrate Christmas and Easter as stat holidays every third year too?).

Of course, what McGuinty really means. is that liberal politicians are going to drop kick any Christian reference into Lake Ontario for good, every and any chance they get. Liberals sure did it to Catholic Schools with equal funding …..the Marxist temptation way.
Money, if you’re a good boy, and taxes (tax exemption gone) if Churches are bad little boys.

I mean there are only a couple of world religions, so this would be like what, a three day rotation, and one day would involve rolling out prayer rugs, chanting and bowing to the east. Give it a break, McGuinty, you complete and utter moron.

Does anyone ever ask the taxpayers what they think of getting rid of all elements of Christianity, or do politicians and their political hack appointed often ‘activist’ judges, ‘just know’ what’s so good for our nation.

Our great nation that includes legal perverse cultures, legal and perverse public entertainment and art, and wrist slapped perverse crimes that often involve the literal destruction of babies, children and teens.

We had Stephen Harper in the news, our illustrious liberal/ tiny c for celf, conservative in the news. Yes, he has been blatantly denying his party offered, or that he knew the party he was the leader of, offered a sizable foreseeable cash benefit to a dying member of parliament that, said member should vote the ‘right way‘…( a serious criminal offence for anyone of non-immunity-elected status) but smoke em if you got em offence to an elected official who makes newspapers semi-regularly like a Svend Robinson for an(even, non-Prime Ministerial), instance.

And no, Harper is no conservative, no pro-life advocate, and no pro-family advocate. He is a lying cheap politician who will do anything to get elected and anything ‘else’ to stay elected. His only integrity is ignobly centred in his self pride and self- righteousness only anchored in insatiable ambition because he stands for absolutely nothing of moral value. He is no different than any of his Prime Ministerial or Provincial counterpart predecessors of my entire life-time.

Not one of them was honourable, or not self-centred or ever cared about what is good for the people.

Limbaugh was in the news this week for telling everyone to vote for the ‘Clintons’. Apparently, him, and Ann Coulter, too. Ann had me fooled, but Limbaugh never did. Though as a self-confessed secular dead guy worshiping Reaganite, Coulter did fall in line with the rest of the Reaganites. She was just the brightest of the bunch if a smidgen emotionally disturbed and self-bloated along with Limbaugh, and Hannity,

Poor Limbaugh’s feelings are hurt because he couldn't control McCain’s rise to the top when Limbaugh thought he was King of Conservatism if not the Republican Godfather. By the way, McCain’s fellow prisoners from the Hanoi Hilton are now saying he was known as ’Spill Your Guts, McCain’ quite contrary to McCain’s assertions, but would fall in line with any gutless ambitious politician like John Kerry et al.

We did find out long ago that Limbaugh was not really pro-life at all but not afraid to use anyone he could to advance his bloated ego-ness. Of course, if we had a nickel for every time Rush told us he was weaned and coronated by Buckley we’d all be as rich as Rush. Rush, you were never a Bill Buckley Jr. in any sense of the word whatsoever. And you have jumped the shark more than once, give it up, big man.

Last, but not least, we have Latimer, the Praire farmer scum bag who murdered his teen daughter because she had Cerebral Palsy. Despite pictures and descriptions to the contrary, Latimer had his flesh and blood put down to a suffering useless vegetable and in need of his mercy murdering.

He was supposed to spend a longer time in jail, but ,yet another appeal liberal parole pervert, thought that a lower board was not right to keep him in jail for not even showing remorse.

(Speaking of our pervert judges and parole officers has anyone forgotten of the newest pedophile coming to your neighborhood?
Liberal lawyers hate to keep those sick bastards locked up eh? There's no money or sexual societal freedom in that.....No, it's much better for adult neighbour sexual freedom, to keep your kids locked up and leave the perverts slobbering around apartment hallways and playground fences where the vast amount of children don't even have fathers to look out for them anymore. Kind of says it all doesn't it!

Canada's so good to babies and children. )

Logical question:, Is it just ‘fathers’ who have a right to murder girls who have Cerebral Palsy and call it mercy murdering or can uncles, grandfathers..... anyone, pick a girl with Cerebral Palsy and mercy murder her? Last time I checked a parent isn’t even allowed in a Doctor’s office when a preteen daughter is meeting with him/her? Boy did Latimer thump that politically correct medical policy! Doh! there's that logic again and how in todays society only first person's freedom counts and screw the victims. But of course logic is so jugemental isn't!

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