Saturday, February 2, 2008

Republicans Infected With C.Difficile Liberile

Republicans Infected With C.Difficile Liberile

I’m told by reliable sources in the nursing field that patients infected with C. Diff (C. Difficile bacterium) have a distinctly, different smell to their number one symptom, # 2- diarrhoea, not bettor or worse, mind you…just different. I solidly stand by their word without further investigation.

What better way to describe what has happened to the modern Republican (formerly the Conservative) Party than a chronic anti-biotic resistant liberal bacteria parasite invasion most harmful to elderly political parties, sometimes causing death, as it did to all conservative parties in Canada.

That’s right Republicans, homosexual marriages are coming, then taxes, then death. Just like Canada, eh?

Rush and the Reaganites dropped God, and life and hitched their wagons to trailer park populist Michael Savage and Immigration (code for neighbourly Mexican hating), why should the majority of new voters not even born at the time of death-levelled celebrity Ronald Reagan, embrace nostalgia of tax break and immigration only concerns. New voters went with the idea of celebrity, all right, only with the living.

Facing the constant media bombs bursting in air of Obama O’sick Mania, Republicans cowered in God, Trust No More, and went with McCain, believing once again, in ‘winning, merely at the cost of losing‘.

No matter what the Republicans wish or do, McCain will not be the next President of the U.S. He couldn’t beat Hillary, the desperately wannabe, first female Co- Bill-President, never mind the more popular Obama.

Look what happened to Bob Dole, the last American hero, (who couldn’t settle to be just so) of whose legacy wound down being a leering, Rush endorsed, Viagra commercial when he tried to show “ the door” to Christian conservatives.

Dr. Dobson, on side with the Holy Father, no less, has it right to not vote at all, over a pro-abort anti-family Republican. Ann Coulter has it wrong to suggest to vote for Hillary Clinton over McCain.

The modern Republicans including Reagan still answer the knock at Pilates door and ask Truth…“What is truth, you pitiful Person. Save yourself, and capitulate” .

There’s no truth like the one truth, and you never vote against your conscience for political prudence, posturing or strategy aka ( smarter than Satan). Real politics is no game and it effects life, death, families, children and more importantly, souls. There’s only one that can be in your corner and He’s not a celebrity.

Forty days of Lent is on the horizon and the forty years of political wilderness will never end until, voters go with the truth, not what satisfies for the moment, looks good, or feels good.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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