Friday, February 1, 2008

Controlling the Dog: So Close To The.....Rear

Controlling the Dog: So Close To the Rear

Toronto is 40 sq. miles in area or ‘1 millionth’ the size of Canada’s, area of 40 million square miles.

In population, Canada is approx. 32 million. Toronto is approx. 2.5 million or of the total population of Canada.

Yet, politically, and therefore socially, more importantly…. legally, Toronto sometimes effects not just Ontario, but all of Canada by 100 percent, in net control thru political power. The federal capital of Ottawa has nary the population, the size or the control and power of Toronto.

Why doesn’t Toronto have only one millionth ‘the say’ over all things national of a Country a million times its geographical size, or 92 percent times its population?

Well its merely by backwards political concentration. The political hierarchy of Canada treats the smallest area with the most concentration of population with political, legal and even cultural rewards.

Its why Canadian farming citizens living just outside of Calgary face gun restrictions more suitably meant for the downtown guilt ridden rich socialist Mecca of Toronto.

The slap in the face, is that the Toronto all inclusive socialist establishment knows it to be true but insists that its beliefs, philosophies, lifestyles, laws, what have you, are the Canadian answer and values for a whole nation.

Even thousands more miles to the east from Calgary, then Toronto, you have Newfoundland, Canada’s craziest, and laziest of in-laws, whose greatest export to the world would ‘naturally’ be union organizers and shrill mouth leaders.

For years the salty rock has been more than an economic drain on all areas and citizens of Canada, while such milestone ‘stupid’ awards were given for selling a gold mine of hydro electric futures to Quebec for a pot full of lobsters, for fishing out the ocean without knowing (or pretending not to know) trying to start a war with Spain over fish, and for drop-kicking Catholicism into the Atlantic from above.

Now, apparently, that Newfoundland is on the verge of being Jed Clampett in offshore oil, it would be too much of an insult to ‘their’ pride, for the west to ask the Newfies, for some of the millions in Canadian ‘tired’ money, back… Money that was sent from east of Ontario over the past 60 liberal years of political bribery…but I digress.

So now Canada has Toronto, a city comprised mostly of various new immigrants constituting a literal world of traditionally anti- western nations (as opposed to some fantasy coke commercial of ‘united’ nations). This is clearly seen in the anti-American/ anti-Bush sputum regularly hocked up by long-time (yeah right) staid Toronto intellectuals and chatting class, with the really unintelligible thick accents, really typical (yeah right) North America.

This new ‘United Nations’ called Toronto, can have all the perks of demanding and taking what it wants with none of the responsibilities of caring where it comes from or where it’s leading. There is no real Canadian Identity to them, because, and for only one thing, outside of world war II, there never was, or is now a united ‘Canadian Identity….far from it.

Of course, with the alternative historical Toronto being that of soaking in a giant tub of political brown stuff for years, the new Toronto is in fact only a lateral move sideways from the old…no worse and certainly no better.

What, with generations now having been raised on a Toronto Star, social liberal Globe and Mail, CBC, TVO, media, and being educated by thoroughly Marxist Milly educators, all the while their parents AWOL, invariably ‘finding’ themselves in illicit sex, drugs and alcohol, what could be expected.

The Marxist revolution invaded North America in the thirties and really took hold in the sixties after Marxist universities were now teaching the teachers that there is no better way than Marxism.

Although Marxism or socialism is a relative new and black phenomenon, it is historically new to the scene, though it is presented to societies now as the alpha and the omega, and if that is all that is pounded into the head like an Islamist chant, that is all one tends to trust and know.
For the reasons of its vast size, small concentrations. and various cultures, either Canada would be far better off… for all concerned… as being broken up, with some regions being absorbed by the U.S. (and what have we over the U.S. historically except the same British origins under the monarchy of a royal family never any better than recently exposed to the world to be…eh?

Or it would be necessary for a prosperous Canada to be more accepting of a truly diverse country, not just the socially left corner of the spectrum, which has to ‘empower’ itself, through legal sidestepping ideological conforming so-called Human Rights Commissions that no court in the world or beyond it could logically or ethically agree with.

It’s the same reason a liberal politician can never explain what he refers to as ‘Canadian values we all cherish‘, that wink, wink we’re all supposed to pretend we know. Because those ‘values’ can’t hold up logically, or by extension be seen as universal but only narrowly and locally political.

There is no city in Canada that shares anywhere near, ‘all things Toronto’. Not even Montreal which stands uniquely even further to the left at times, and evil in its own right.

A new political reform formula would do well to provide for the following in a Canada united without regions, resentful, distrustful, and felt ruled by regions which may as well be on the moon for their direct proximity and cultural influence on (good or bad).

These reforms would have to include provisions such as:

Much larger ridings in major cities to balance out the realistic geographical area they live no where near but enjoy much practical control over.

Or at least, the objective categorizing of all Bills to be voted on into either social, legal, financial, or housekeeping legislation. And that at least the social legislation be ‘equalled’- up on geographical considerations I.e., larger rural ridings granted two votes to almost city block size ridings in major cities.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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