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Rush's Reaganites: Nothing More Than Idle Idol W

Rush’s Reaganites: Nothing More Than Idle Idol Worshipers

True to their human idol (now equally smelted dead guy), Ronald Reagan …Rush Limbaugh, and all his fellow celebrity, self-named Reaganites, can be as depended upon as Reagan ever was.. by social conservatives.

‘Depended upon’, like the political Music Man to ‘sell a service’ only after they’ve left town and their price of personal ego-mania has been satiated.

In an increasingly Godless run nation Reagan said what the people who loved God, not ‘man’ or the ‘world’ nor felt their nation.. without sin, wanted to hear.

They put ‘political-free’ loves such as God, life and family where freedom, truth and love have no boundaries and need no judges, only after Nation and flag.

God, made the United States the great Nation it once was, not any of the ways of the world! A flag and a capitalized proper noun does not baptize, impart or endear morality, spirit, compassion, a holy insight into Holy righteousness, or even plain decency, nor (apparently) love for fellow man.

It is always the people that need to be protected from government not the other way around. Reagan knew that much, went with it, and used it well for his personal gain.

Rush, the former DJ, now weekend, Viagra junket man, and Noonan, siblings in ego, were good (but, no more) and sneaky at rubbing Reagan polish on political oil lamps publicly, to offer the illusion of something Americans wanted, and might get through their worldly intervention and Reagan Ouija like invocation. Most other Reaganite celebrities are follow- the- bouncing- Rush, rank amateurs.

They said everything social conservatives wanted to hear much of the time, but occasionally let the cat out of the bag, e.g., Rush, angrily “You (social conservatives) were never going to make any gains on abortion anyway”, during the Senate elections at the point when he saw that social conservatives don‘t give anyone a blank check on just how they 'look'….anymore!

In short, on all matters that count, Reaganites follow Rush to the Tee, not just because they feel they owe him something, but because they are as shallow as Rush, when it comes to giving up burnt offerings of Christian principles to the world and a Nation (for now) championed by the world. Losing Christians who can actually look for results, Reaganites have been riding the Mexican immigration mule to death in hopes of finding a new base in the pure Red Necks.
(That is, when they're not swarming and patting good soldiers 'on the head' like socialists on
narcisistic lib-sticks for political gain).

Truth is, social conservatives don’t care any more about Rush’s foibles and peccadillo’s than lynch mentality, Mike Savage‘s, (who is on record as having said all poor women should be sterilized).

When Rush et al went ballistic on Harriet Myers as a Supreme Court Judge nomination it wasn’t because she had been a feminist in a former and quieter life (which wasn’t uncovered at the time). It was because she wasn’t considered a ‘constructionist’ ( code for Reaganite pick, Reagan of course, never came close to picking a pro-life, or pro-family judge and did absolutely nothing to advance the pro-life cause).

By now, Rush et al male and female celebrity Reaganites have shown their hands and they are not even the same hands as the other set of coattails (the other being Saint Ronny)Rush claims to have ridden in on.... being William F Buckley’s.

Buckley was always honest aside from being brilliant.

A Doctor Dobson, is as true to his faith, no less… than the Holy Father to his Christianity. Rush is no Buckley, but if he fancies himself a political pundit, like Ronald Reagan was a politician, playing to the world he died in Rush and Reagan can have those titles. Players to the world and users of those who are actually sincere.

There is nothing pro-life or pro-family about these Reaganites, most of whom don’t have immediate families of their own.

They hold up Scalia (another blast from the past) as a template for a Reaganite Supreme Court Judge.

‘Scalia’ !.... The pseudo-intellectual who hops the dinner circuit telling everyone there is nothing in the Constitution and other founding documents that is a right to life, and that life should be voted on State to State for individual States as democracy sees fit. Exactly what does unite the United States, anyway?

For all the bad and the goofy attributed to President George Bush, he did the most for pro-life/pro-family social conservatives than 100 Reagans times zero, by intentionally or otherwise implanting (apparently to date) two good judges who are Christian in that Truth and Justice is Christian.... is Christ!

I’ve visited some celebrity Reaganite official forums where yahoos talk about shooting Mexicans among other trailer park belches, un-impugned, if not encouraged by ‘moderators’ and mesmerized idol fanatics, who see these Reaganite celebs, as Truth itself. If you're not prepared to kiss some very layman rings, don't get comfortable.

The Reaganite celebrities have all said at one time ‘and’ another, that they would support a Giuliani over any Christian Republican Presidential nomination because until lately Giuliani was seen to be their only viable hope for what they believe still acts like a conservative (albeit nouveau) party sans social conservatives.

I will never fault the conservative parties for capitalistic defences, seemingly the last standing defender against socialism, but all- out libertarianism (the only road Rush et al are factually headed) is hardly the template the American Founding Fathers envisioned for a Free Just and God respecting Nation!

In the world, even in politics, that helps keep evil solid and comfortable in the world thru the medium of our own desires, you can squawk with the chickens and slop with the pigs. or you can always soar with the Eagle, and He is no chained mortal to worship.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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  1. I don't know too much about Rush Limbaugh, but I don't have much respect or ability to believe any kind of "pseudo-intellectuals" who make their living either in media or in politics (not that there is much of a difference between the two).