Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Awaken Chinese Students and Workers, Free Tibet & Yourselves

Awaken Chinese Students and Workers, Free Tibet and Yourselves

As the typing exercise goes, now, is the time for all good men to come to the aide of their Countrymen.

As Chinese parents, take a look at your young child and think of a better world for him/her. A world where you don’t have to tell her/him their sibling was taken out back and drowned in the rice paddy for the crime of being born.

Communism is a mental illness and you have mentally ill men running more then your Homeland. They run and control every aspect of your life, your children’s lives, your family, even your spirit soul.

You must worship them before any Creator and hold no religion before them. If you don’t know this already it is only because such control monsters, such controlling evil does not want you to even know another world exists.

A truly free economy does not require babies murdered and families starved!

A truly free economy needs all the more children to sustain and keep a free Country great, especially when the West will not even sustain it’s own population, for the control of the socialist mindset they suffer.
Capitalism has a way of providing for all…the technology, the means and the incentive…more money.

What destroys capitalism is communism and its cousins, socialism, and unionism. Greedy unionism is the only culprit currently dragging down the U.S. economy. Unionism creates economic inequity, class envy, poor production, and eventual self-destruction , no more blatantly seen than in the Western auto industry where the Marxist roots first came home to roost.

What countries need is strong labour backed democracies with good labour legislation, not over paid union pockets, where sloth and greed continually flourishes till there is nothing left for any of the labour force.

It’s not only the truth of evil and good. It is pure logic which only points to good and evil whenever extrapolated over and beyond the eye of personal gain and advantage over others.

If money were the only issue in preventing happiness, how is it, the proletariat receives most of it distributes it as it sees fit, and still controls all your basic freedoms. It’s because they have no right to it and that is exactly why they need to control you. It’s no different than socialism or communism light.

Nothing eliminates greed at the top and certainly not communism or socialism anymore than capitalism. Nothing, except maybe one who doesn’t need it or crave it, or very few under the rank of Holy Father direct and dedicated servant under Christ. Point being, very few will not take advantage of a position where they can make personal gain (in some manner including money deferred) so why ever enslave to a system where ‘all’ human rights and choices should be God given, and the same as every citizen of the world…. Not governance granted and strictly controlled.

Money and poverty was how communism entered your Country, but how long did it take for the Communists to even trickle any of it down? You can have a lot more, and enough for everyone equally and enough left over for those who truly can’t look after themselves. And more important, all your non- monetary freedoms, your happiness, the right to the family you want, your religion to choose, and more.

You’ve been lied to all along and you know the pain and suffering, the loss of your loved ones, and of course your dignity, to the government minions. You’ve had enough. Link up any way you can through any means you can and unite in marches and strikes.

Communism will collapse! God will help those who seek him and win out! You will elect ‘your’ brothers, your sisters, your sons and daughters to government….. not Marx’s brothers and sisters at Marx's pleasure!

Paul Gordon

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