Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Thread And A Pox On Mainstream Junk Science

A Thread And A Pox on Mainstream Junk Science
By Paul Gordon

Okay, people, hold on to your seats because, here’s all you really need to see and understand, as a practical and logical ‘visual’, to dispel a big chunk of modern ’junk’ science that tries to B.S. most of our time, energy, children’s education, laws and actual worshipping obsessions, in many cases.

Take a globe of the earth, any globe.. you’ll find in your kid’s bedroom, school or library.

Now take a simple length of thread, or thicker dental floss (for newer generations who don’t know what thread is).

Wrap this thread tightly around the globe, and it will factually represent many things.

For the purpose of this writing it will represent a simple roadway. Now, if this length of thread were a real, simple 20’ wide road, (still wide enough for two lanes of traffic) it would represent, and take up only (a close approximation of) 0.0000000625 of a line around the earth in actual linear ratio to the surface of the earth.

In other words, although it is only a thread and minute in comparison to the surface of the globe representing the earth admirably, the tiny thread is still much, much thicker and larger than a 20’ road in ratio to the earth would actually be,

One can, of course, see the same effect and surface ratio, zooming in from a satellite picture on one’s computer, until one can actually make out a physical satelite image of a real road. However, I think the thread and globe visual is even simpler quicker and gives the complete picture at a glance.

One could feel oneself in the space shoes of one recent part-time female astro-nut, who looked out her shuttle portal window and un-backed by fellow astronauts, claimed to ‘thumb and eyeball’ evidence of global warming, planet destruction yada yada,… perhaps the cliffs of dover..

Yeah right..stay on Terra Firma, Honey, and watch space in the future from your big screen like the rest of us great unwashed ‘scientists’ and junior astronauts.

Emotion, opinion, democratic ‘consensus‘, or show of hands, make science…. not! Science is 2 plus 3 equals 5, no matter of opinion and pony show.

This thread is a real representation of close approximation of the equatorial or polar axis around the world of 25,000 miles or 132,000,000 linear feet.

Now, for the purpose of this writing consider this thread to be a road that lies on solid ground all the way around the earth including the oceans. The fact a road around the world doesn’t actually exit means nothing for the points, well made in this writing

Anyone, who has ever flown or driven over any great amount of any country or continent should be able to easily understand and appreciate, that as big and as endless, as we like to think factories, industries, indeed, major cities are, that they still only take up only a pittance of actual land found in comparatively, oasis style urban settings pocked among vast areas of farm, and more- so, bush land in these countries and continents.

(The city of Toronto takes up, but a small fraction of the vast area of Canada, yet, has great political clout and political control over a vast geographical area. Canada has distanced or far-flung corners and everythng in between, that may as well be on the moon, for all they hold in common to the odd folk of far away and proportionately, ‘tiny’ polarized socialist UN Toronto…but that of course, is a complete and other writing.)

‘Active’ industries and factories are not as infinite as environmentalists would have us believe. They are of course, finite and countable. A large amount of the world's industries and factories are actually located in some of the smallest areas like Countries of Japan, South Korea, and the ‘abandoned’ mere British ‘colony’ of Hong Kong.

Major industries or conglomerents are of course even more rare and summed up on Stock Exchanges.

*You couldn’t take all the ‘active’ factories and industries in the entire world and line one side of this road represented by the thread*

Of course, there are pockets of polluted areas in concentrated industrial areas, but hardly whole Provinces or States in the case of North America and certainly with nothing that stays in the air, were all these factories shut down today. Hence ’Smog Days or Alerts’ are obviously not cumulative or ever- lulling around. The air obviously purifies itself eventually and particles fall to the ground. If it didn't and pollution lasting effects were half as bad as environmentalists say....would the air not have been long blackened?

The 'free world' doesn't need to forced to shut down by militant environmentalists. (Where's the boycotts and cries on their beloved socialist countries?) Ever increasing stack 'scrubber' and cooling technologies is all that may be required and real 'accumilative trash' does need to be burned not stuffed in every crevice, nook and cranny of the world.

Ontario is hardly completely polluted despite Toronto or even its approximate closeness to heavy industrial American States.

*Keeping in mind this single thread actually represents more than one 20’ wide road, you could fit 2,490,566...53foot long transport ’trailers’ on one side, or lane, of this one road. In truth, I’m confident you could fit the entire ‘active’ traffic of the world on this thread (that would actually fit more than one road) in any given time.*

*There is nowhere near enough existing jets of any size in the entire world to roll down this road like a runway and come close to filling it, so the same goes for flying above it, at any one time.

You could line this road on both sides with people hand in hand spraying cans of Freon and have.. little effect on the vast atmosphere (or ‘ozone’) that surrounds the entire planet far above this tiny thread.*

So get a grip, people, look at this thread in comparison to the rest of the globe and tell me how it could possibly effect world anything or cause as much ’destruction’ as modern junk scientists could ever have us believe’.

The single most influence on the earth, ozone, and whatever else you can think of including life itself was, is, and always will be… the Sun… And, as scientists have proven the Sun and it’s resulting weather patterns short and long term operates in historical ‘cycles‘, indifferent to man or creature.

How many ‘scientists’ spend their time and jaundiced or tainted studies, simply trying to disprove other scientists and proven science in order to
a) Make a name for themselves
b)Justify the existence of their positions
c) Gain or keep funding and grants coming in
d) In the case of drugs… prove the effectiveness and safety of their conglomerate employer’s products? Answer: Way too many.

If you read the papers that purport 'news' actually worth reading or watch the news that first and foremost must entertain and astound, you know there is no shortage of scientists contradicting each other and yesterday’s ‘studies’ and having to stoop to smaller and smaller measurements to even prove the existence of so-called serious pollutants I.e., millionths, billionths, trillionths, etc.

The last bit of total junk science totally disproved and destroyed in this writing is the whole 100 year old, over-population scam, as a main selling point of socialists (who, incidentally are the only ones who supposedly have all the cures to the evils that kill us) that necessitates the forced murdering of Chinese babies and conscience freeing volunteered murdering of all free world babies.

If you don’t believe you could easily line even one side of one road that makes up this tiny thread going around the globe with high-rises and low rises to house the entire population of the entire world…think again, because you are so soul…dead wrong. Again, look how many people the small country of Japan or Hong Kong former colony can house, and not all of them in apartments.

The only thing stopping complete housing for everyone on small amounts of land, is scientific wayward energies, greed or financial hording and wasting, politics, and gigantic egos of the top academic, political, and socially popular elite of the entire socialist hustled world.

Pollution, lack of space, food and medicine… my rear-end! People, students, children..babies, workers... you’ve all been had all along…

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