Sunday, March 30, 2008

2008 China Revolution Need Only Start With Tibet

China Revolution Need Only Start With Tibet

Here’s the difference between the people of China, a vast Country with a relative short history under communist dictatorship, and the North American free world.

Of course, if you are from or still living in China, you know all about your way of life so here is the difference with the free world

1) Freedom of your family….and religion is of course number one. It’s what is most important to you and the potential for greatness and world respect and awe, of your Country (not sports and machismo!) There are no other numbers.

You are free to have as many children as you want and you don’t have to be wealthy though the Marxist group of Planned Parenthood would have the free world believe that, and worse propaganda.

You don’t even have to be married, to have as many children as you want which has proven to be not good, for anyone involved, but still an absolute freedom of your’s to discover in the free world.

You can go to any church for any real religion, or even pretend religions like those derived and based on mere and faulty ‘mortal‘… if you are so inclined.

You are even still free be a communist in a rightfully dying ideology or a related socialist with unfortunately, way too much company, and power for anyone’s good.

You are free to choose government (tax paid) totally controlled medical aid and guidance, or much better, private insurance, paid, or direct privately paid competitive excellent customer- based health care, more so available in the United States, than more Marxist Canada, of course.

As either parent in the family, you are free to attain a private education or (the politically correct government education through the medium of Marxist union educators) and employment, in seemingly endless fields with varying pay grids and benefit offerings including serious private pension contributions, on behalf of the competitive employer.

Unions, whose high paying positions come with a time-released suicide pill, still don’t control much of the mid-management work force, and less, or no control of the workforce at the senior-management level.

You are free to not join any Marxist groups or to a degree free, not be an unwilling participant in any socialist ideology or hair brained control scheme.

You and your family are free to get up every morning in your rented apartment or owned house (with unfortunately, equivalent rent sums in taxes) and go to the outdoors to a still potential God’s free land, smell the free air, enjoy the warm sunshine, grow whatever you want and easily plan to afford and attain, to grow what ever you want, in your own garden or field.

Have a family picnic and nature walk and games in the free open spaces and free air and then to return home and sleep in peaceful free slumber knowing you will awake, in freedom still.

The bad comes with the good even in freedom, but you do have choice in the free world and still considerable wiggle-room to choose what you want and what you feel is best for your family, which is always their choice of freedom too.

Good can only overpower bad and evil without bloodshed in an environment of freedom. The worthwhile struggle is to get to freedom.. first!

Freedom is never boring or non-diligent. Bad or evil can only overcome good, when good men refuse to act, and people stop thinking and don’t want to know. And when they are ‘pacified or intoxicated for the time being’ with all the entrapments of socialist pie in the sky temptation.

Revolutions for evil have a history of bloody violence and the slaughtering of the innocent. Where have been the ‘fruits’ of origin, or the ‘fruits’ of the harvest with Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Unionism and Feminism.

Happiness too, still needs to be fought for even in free Countries and is won in thinking for oneself and with the one God in mind, heart and soul.

China can be set free, in as bloodless a way as former Countries imprisoned in the Soviet Block but it does require, all the more joint participation throughout all of China, on the part of students and workers who can bring the tough and evolving Communist regime to its knees.

The time for Communists making all things better is too little, too late,
too planned, and too insincere. It’s still the same evil empire looking out for itself, a small minority of the proletariat whose military will switch forces when push comes to shove and killing their own families and friends is not part of the deal.

So who is lying, Tibet, or the communist controllers of the vast and great Country of China whose peoples have persevered and been beaten down long enough!

About Myself? If any of this letter can get to Chinese citizens, be assured that I am not a stooge for anyone, and everyone is open to my criticisms that is what is.. in a free Country. I am free to criticize my Country it’s modern numerous dips and dives into pure stupidity at times.

I frequently criticize, not.. the Roman Catholic faith under the Holy Father but merely the Canadian corner of the Catholic Church which often performs badly, when it makes it’s presence known at all. A branch that has been brought to task by the Holy Father himself for the disgrace it brings on the universal religion not unlike the ‘Catholic’ politically correct and socialist Universities of the United States.

Certainly, Karl Marx had the Canadian Catholic Church in mind when he prophetically spoke in distain, “Christianity is like spit-little”. In a free Country the Canadian Church has no desire to speak at all, never mind, speak of the “Truth, that sets us free”.

The shallow insincere Canadian Church also long cut off its own supply of domestic nuns and priests when it handed its Catholic youth to the Marxist militant teaching unions and elected trustees of the government.

I am also no stooge to capitalism, living on what would be considered a poverty level by the size of my happy family of ten and that I would hardly make apologies for. I could have made more money I suppose and chose a different route but I seriously doubt I would ever be as happy as I am now, or have the cherished memories I have now.

I am no more an angel as much as any man, and I have at once, begged for the sake of my family, and refused for the sake of my soul with regrets…none. The appreciation of Truth is never the less for the state and weakness of the person. Individual weakness can only even be recognized against the real existence and perfection of the Truth.

What is life if you can’t have experienced it to the fullest, in love, in suffering, in joy and in sadness and been free to do it all and free to join the freest of them all, in the joy and protection, of Jesus Christ.

No family exists or lives for the purposes of any State but as truly free sons and daughters of the perfect Sacrificial Crucified Christ.

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