Friday, May 16, 2008



I can’t believe anyone can support smooth talking Obama, for the next President with a straight face, let alone worship him.

Even his biggest critic, and ½ a 2/4 Mutt and Jeff- Clinton Presidency, slick n stick Billy Bobb, and yesterday’s populist idol….. hates the guy. {Side bar… How can yesterday’s small g.. god- like hero hate the latest god like hero so much and get away with it. Kind of shows the frailty of all men and their poor choices doesn’t it, not enforce….. the god like status, or absolute brilliance of any generation?

‘Populist’ being the key and only word affliction here as with all modern politicians. Up until, the crooked Kennedy’s, who actually believed they could make full personal use of the Mafia, {not to mention, Monroe) before going after them in public, populism wasn’t the thing, nor as one would one expect, ‘celebrity looks‘. People were actually concerned with serious morality, death , war, and poverty and took the candidate seriously.

Then came all the ‘manias’ hoisted by all the ‘kids’ who never did grow up and whose parents were too busy fighting wars, to stop the delusional Marxists from entering the Country and taking over all. Manias to come starting with Camelot, Elvis, Beatle-mania, Trudeau mania, Rolling Stones, Jerry Springer, Night Time Sex Tv and contrived day time drama tv Oprah-Mania, and any number of real spoiled brat mania du jour.

It’s really very sick, and very sad. It’s what people do when they care only about their personal advantage and pleasure in life and at any expense up and to their own spouse, their own parents, their own children and their own babies.

In today’s world, when you wake up some mornings, it’s pretty hard to distinguish between a bad dream and reality or, which is worse. There is much in the home land, the great War veterans (mere boys), would recognize as being the opposite of what they believed in.

Their solid loved ones and solid families, any sense of morality, the innate instinct to defend the birth of babies no matter the personal cost, over the championed cause for the right to have babies ripped head from body and limb from limb, up to and including at birth, their way of life and beliefs censored and made illegal by 2- bit Marxist up- starts who believe they are something new or better under the Sun.

Our God in Heaven, this man, Obama, stood up and shouted proudly to the world, that no one should be “Punished” with “That”, {having a baby}. As low as politicians come, and there hasn’t been one in office in my lifetime who either wouldn’t, or didn’t sell their own families out, not one has dared to shout that to the world no matter their perverse personal thoughts.

Clinton any better? Hardly, considering the male half single-handedly kept the practice of partial birth abortion (brutal, brutal murder of babies) alive and well in the USA.
McCain any better? Depends what day and what time it is…for the whole new Republican Party for that matter.

Obama is going to win, as disgusting as that possibility is. Evil is as evil does in today’s world. As Americans, do babies a favour, if no one else, including yourselves, this time.

Don’t vote for anyone! Unless McCain stands up, and as much as draws blood from his own skin in promise to actively work for the most vulnerable in the United States, delegate him to the same old same old too. Show the Nation….show the world that you can still be a moral leader among nations and that you will withhold your vote until you see something worth voting for.

It doesn’t matter what sex or what colour a leader is? That’s pure asinine and the latest blithering idiot mania! What’s important, as is eternal, is effort and getting it Right!

If you want to go by colour, it's only logical that considering the region of the world, Jesus was in that He was at least as dark as Obama. He certainly could not have been Northern European lilly white.

Let's get a black person, female, white, yellow or pink for President who is a lot closer to Christ, than to the other end of the scale and someone who is a good example for all.

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