Friday, May 23, 2008

Ted Kennedy We Knew You Too Well, Good Riddance

Ted Kennedy We Knew You.. Only Too Well: Good Riddance

A Eulogy to Cut the Crap From All Corners of the Earth

Excuse me for not getting teary eyed and as choked up as Senator Byrd. and apparently many Catholics and Holier than Pope, pro-lifers, over the impending earthly demise of Ted Kennedy.

The guy is a real life Dickens evil character choosing to actually go to the grave remaining evil to the end just to keep up earthly popular pretences like his brothers, (and Canada’s own Pierre ‘Turd’eau the Fidel fetcher)

By the way, mainstream Canadian liberal Marxist news played Senator Byrd’s big choke- up over Kennedy doing the dirt belly-flop like it was something knew and touching for Byrd who in his own twilight years really has had too many over-the-top. if not obsessive emotional feelings for popular male politicians.

Of course, they neglected to tell Canadians the minor fact, that Byrd chokes, stammers, blubbers and tortures everyone with intermittent thirty second, moments of black-out silence over ‘everything, anyone, and anything’ including his thickened fluid, if they’re too cold.

The whole Kennedy clan, ‘mystique’ only became ‘surface’ popular and idolized because of one Jack Kennedy’s political youth, quick wit, and great personal speech ‘writer’.

The clan under dear old dad and head- in- the- sand Rose only gained its family, vote buying and vote rigging, fortunes from bootlegging (and who knows what other) crimes, normally associated with organized crime.

Going forward, into a couple of gangster period Kennedy generations, of hob knobbing with the Mob, and just knobbing with the Mob’s Molls, Teddy’s older brothers thought they would use the mob like toilet paper. instead of gaited napkins of convenience, for a change

We all know the end of that story and the mob clean- up hitter and human silencer, Jack Ruby.

Anyway, back to that gargantuan, figurative and in modern life literal. bag of win, Teddy bluster and blare.

Let me count the ways of his errors that were not strictly affecting himself, and more to the point, not harmful to ‘only’ himself…

And yes, Teddy was a one time/short-time, pro-life ‘talker‘, no doubt only to a) not embarrass mummsy and b) more importantly, and because he was right in thinking it was the political thing to do, at the time.

Unfortunately, the media backed liberal arm of America could not distinguish one short lived proper thing to do, from the politician and righteousness itself.

As in, the politician brushed up against something right (by mostly plot... over a lasting amalgamation of righteousness in logical progression), therefore, this politician must be right on everything. Blind populism is asinine, and deadly isn’t?

But, how sweet it must have been for the baby in the Kennedy family to hitch his wagon to populism no matter, where it's going and to later be able to read the scummy side of the human condition in society, and how to expertly take advantage of it.

I would wager the house, and the dog, that the only reason the youngest cowardly brother didn’t go for the Presidency, which he would have won hands-down was that he knew the Mob could and would shoot down any Kennedy who darkened the White House’s doorway for at least a few decades to come. The Mafia did have a great obsession for not being made fool of, and for revenge.

I digress.... back to the counting.

1) Kennedy and that whole drunk driving harbour thingy, where two ostensibly go down, and only one comes up to tell about it..(long after the fact).

2) Teddy’s pro-life total flip-flop. Like a lot of ‘normal’ people change from pro-life Catholics to pro-death ‘Catholics’ as their life advances, and like, evil temptations don’t exist…that don’t manage to be resisted by most others.

Of course, what’s most important in Teddy’s case, was that he for purely populist reasons was indeed looked up to, by much of the beguiled liberal public who believed him to be blessed by some god, for the possession of mere Kennedy watery blood and false ‘wisdom‘, instead of a very real consideration in sober retrospect and to be later historically recorded that Kennedy was tagged by evil to do the work of death and despair, and look good doing it.

(The modern populist black version of this mobs r good- mentality being the adoring followers of Oprah, and Obama. Oh please black America! Now is the time to surpass white stupidity and immorality, not embrace and ’celebrate’ it!)

So we have the whole, ‘if immorality and murdering babies is good enough for Kennedy not to mention legions of other celebrities, popular politicians, and prominent ‘Catholics’… well then, how wrong can it really be, and as long as we have a mob consensus to rid ourselves, of guilt and blame, let’s take pride and celebrate immorality while we’re at it… all the best to proselytize immorality, and to legitimize it!

3) Minor in comparison to contributing in a major collaborating way to the direct death of millions of innocent babies who were considered a Blessing to families, before the Kennedy and Marxist centuries, but still, no small accomplishment, we have the Teddy who destroyed families. The Teddy who was istrumental as anyone in turning children against their families and their family’s religions through the enshrined Marxist control of American children.

Kennedy made it his personal ’mission’ to enshrine Marxist union teacher and State academic censored and suffocating control over children, like politicians were ever experts on anything, least of all morality and care of the people.

The same Trojan Horse that pranced in under academic freedom but could only be force fed, in spite of logic, with restrictions and blatant hypocrisy against academic freedom, and in all practicality and fiscal reality would only work with a narrowly defined. but massive special interest group in sheer numbers, that would be allowed to teach. Boy. did Reagan fire the wrong union!

Of course. he only actually kind of went to war, with, with ...was it Grenada? It started while everyone slept and was over by the time everyone woke up. All the while the 'Iron Lady' was taking on the Falkland Islands. Glad to see the evil empires are still in check today.

4) Of course, we also have Marist control of the work force in general, and again over the top, championed and made liberally popular by all the Kennedys, but especially, Teddy, in return for political favours gained.

We all lived and saw what killed more jobs and separated labourers into the poor, and the extortion and inflation expensive well- to- do workers than all other factors combined. Marxism, which never controls the dollar by force, no matter what fantasy world Marxists, live in destroyed thousands of jobs in the Americas.

Free trade is actually cushioning what was going to be inevitable anyway.

If your domestic products and services are made Marxist artificially more expensive, how long does it take, for the rest of the world to make the same products for less and surpass your economy as the vastly inadequate one. Apparently, it's a fifty year flash in the pan or about the same period all the Marxist chickens come to roost, like pensions, healthcare, taxes and government services.

Marxist ‘Protectionism’ can only lead to a sweet irony of reverse and isolated domestic poverty.

Think ‘logical’, people, if not with compassion or generosity.

Anyway, Teddy has a rap sheet against humanity longer than any Dickens character and it really wears thin, hearing people say “Well, we never agreed with him but we must pray for him. We certainly can’t condemn him.”

This was not a case of a person making a personal error in judgement that didn’t hurt anyone else, or very few, and then repenting afterwards.

This is a man, of insatiable ego not unlike Trudeau, who would rather go to his deathbed hugging evil if it can mean he could actually fool his followers into thinking he was this prominent great leader and all around swell guy, to the end.

Teddy has even stated he wants his lawyer wife to take his fat seat and carry his ’presence’ as it were, on into earthly populism for all its worth. If you really want to gag. Trudeau’s x said she felt Pierre’s presence swell within her on the third day of his death. Beam me out of Canada… Scotty.

Why can’t pro-lifers simply have “no public comment”, for evil how be it's extremely popular characters? Is it simply to engraciate themselves on how 'big' they are, as holier than Christ Christians, where, as they would forgive evil where evil doesn't forgive it's own. It just tries to out do each other.

This is evil, matter whose fat face is on it, not neighbours tresspasses and transgressions... It's that darn evil vs humanity thing with all its willing and useful idiots.

Just a reminder, people. Christ could and did, drive evil out of people. He didn’t pray for them. Nor, did he ever dine with Satan. He rejected Satan! Not try to convert him.

He did tell us as is logical theology and Truth in protection of love and all that is good, of what happens to the souls of people who embrace evil and do all they can to harm love, and innocence of children and other beautiful un-corrupted creations of God.

From all presented factual evidence of the history of Teddy and other Kennedy’s, it is hardly us or God that will be damning Teddy to Hell.

It’s all on Teddy’s shoulders, and a rather ordinary dead person soon to be he is, who has even been granted time for some serious repenting.

If evil is ingratiated in any way shape or form even under sincere intentions, it only welcomes in more present and future evil all the more.

Picture even one baby being torn limb from limb, never mind millions whenever you feel the slightest pang of sympathy for evil self-centred manipulative and opportunistic bastards like ‘Teddy’ and ask yourself what does he deserve from you, that he denies from Christ.

Do only yourself a favour, Kennedy, if you’re smart.... and repent.

But, personally I couldn’t care or less if you do rot in Hell for all eternity with many of your other friends, family and ilk and I make no apologies or hand wringing second thoughts for it.

Maybe babies need more fools rushing in, and more love and prayers, and your votes of actual important issues, more than political, judicial and celebrity 'stars' do.

Paul Gordon


  1. Well he's dead now.

  2. Good riddance Teddy.

  3. Having lived in Boston for over 10 years, I just did NOT get the "Kennedy mystique." Ted Kennedy allowed Mary Jo Kopechne to DIE because he was drunk. He chose his own political ambitions/reputation over her life. I wonder what it was like to stand before God after he died. I never wish anyone ill will, even a vile Kennedy, but good riddance is right! I love that now Mass. has to have an election directly because of Teddy's actions, due to a great Republican being in office, former Gov. Mitt Romney, the next president (real one, not like the fake illegal Obama) in 2012. Karma's a bitch.