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Call Me Crazy

Call Me Crazy
Hate me, pity me, but this is what I have truly come to believe.
I believe Christ is the Saviour. I believe Christ is the Truth just as told to us.
I believe we were put on this earth to see, to experience, to smell, feel, be drenched, to soak, and to bask in the beauty of God’s this complex world of stark contrasts.
And there is no beauty He created, greater than new innocent, and helpless life.
Helpless life, whose eyes, the centre of life-long beauty until closed, shine deep and infinite in depth and time, as if to the gate of heaven itself, and back again to the misty and astonished-eyed viewer.
Eyes, that alone speak for the babe, and incapable of drawing on anything in history or existence except to say, help me...protect me from pain, protect me from the world until I can take my place and turn to flourish in it. Fill my belly and let me sleep wrapped in peace at your breast close to the heart that has been my only content
That I know nothing, but apprehension, show me love first.
That should I come to be taught, I am better or worse than anyone else I know not and care less. It is ‘we’ that is all important now by my dependence and scope, and always will be for all my concern
I believe the mere pinnacle of beauty, and holy delight of life is found in the innocence of the child and more..... an emotional.....a communal.... refuge or shelter, to seek solace, and healing in, like no other. That all, sadly, can not, or will not... allow themselves to partake in such spiritual nectar from the flask of the Creator, Himself, is not to say that beauty does not exist or should not exist for anyone... if it can’t exist or be chosen, for all.
For all ‘else’, Christ, Exists still, does He not?
In these loving moments with our child it is never lost to say, I remember....I remember too, little one when the sun shone in glorious days that went on forever..searing...blazing, new presents from God everyday when I could have more astonishment repeatedly, than any adult could barely acknowledge their presence. Surely, what utmost purpose did floating, fragrant blossoms, dancing gravity- defying and time- stopping butterflies, and the sparkling wink of fireflies, have, except to entertain, drug, and kiss us goodnight?
What was the stark red rose and sweet pine, but to transmit the only forgiving smugness, of... ‘tranquil’.... into a vision and intoxicant, of the already sweetened air.
Yes, this is the ‘centre’ of the universe to race to, not the apples of the dark Eden amongst the stars. This is the tribute to man, the place to be ‘found.... the grail of wisdom, the accomplishment to sacrifice all else for, to be remembered by no one and who mattered any more or less than us.. This is what the Nation stands for and is built for
No less, the clearest.... easiest... path to Christ... to become as a child, is also where the ‘good fight’ begins.
The good fight, to save the family, whose model was most Holy......and to save the innocense of all children, whose Creator equalled with His very own Child, in communion with child and man and as only a taste of communion to come.
I believe, ultimately, we will find peace and happiness on earth in sharing it with children, who have been unscathed by, the stench, the ugliness, the hate and our own deadly selfishness of both fleeting material and fleeting self-inflated esteem, that stays off love and beauty itself, imprisoning us from the truth.... that sets us free.
I believe that the costs of all encompassing superfluous lifestyles, we do everything to undermine life, family and our own and children’s real happiness.
In the free world, from ‘business’ to ‘media’ to ‘entertainment’ to academia excellence what private, or no less shareholder- accountable ‘corporate or institutional profit’ is worth, the exacting cost of children’s innocence and subsequent added stress and toll on their families?
I believe that now, after generations of Marxist culture of greed, anger and societal destruction in revolt against family and faith, on the false promise of a rebuilt utopia- like society, there is nothing more acutely obvious than its failings on all fronts.
That Marxism, so rampant now and infested into our very faith, was simply an ideology of taking.. at the disingenuous humanist proselytising pretense ..... as giving and rewarding.....whereas citizens didn’t have to care or give anything anymore as Marxism had that looked after, too.
That the necessary ‘freedoms’ Marxism carried more as dis- owned baggage than grail, in academia, media, government, and society, in fact were quite the opposite and aside from killing or burying true genius in all fields including the arts, demanded complete and utter compliance, and the most restricted freedoms we have ever had.
Where are the ‘masters’ born from the Marxist culture of North America, of the last sixty years...all the celebrated literary giants....academic shining stars.. to teach both brilliance and hope?
I believe, that the shiny side of the tin-foiled metal of liberalism has taught us not to care, outside the imprisoning, solitary perimeters of our own minds, bodies and desires. That to lay our lives down for others in their bleakest plight, their darkest despair, as they face the darkest and ugliest of humanity is somehow murder and assault for our part and hardly worthy of our costs and energies to begin with. That evil and cunningness are the actual victims and justified for all manner of action.
This, and more I believe, with my very soul, eyes that see, ears that listen, heart that aches, and mind that seeks, asks, and finds.. truth.
Paul Gordon

Pantheism Partly Right, Mostly Wrong
In fact, we are all like God in a defined perimeter of manner of speaking.
We have the power to produce life. We have the power to end life. We have the power to love and to hate. We have the power to be inventive, industrious and creative. We have the power to be slugs. We have the power to control and change are emotions (well most of us)..
We have the power to be generous or consumed with innate materialistic matter. We have the power to worship man ( though why?) or to worship our Creator (which will pay off a heck of a lot more, especially at our end). We have the power to save lives and to ignore plight and suffering. The power to be merciful, to be cruel, to defend to the death, if necessary, or simply to shout slogans and platitudes in demonstrations to appease evil (especially in the media) and at its heights.
We are even more powerful than God, in one respect, but in nothing to be boastful of. We have the power to be bad and to be evil.
God, the Alpha and the Omega cannot choose to be evil by his own Perfection which includes the concept of logic and absolutes (an assurance for those in need of one of His goodness and perfect love . It is beyond the universal concept of logic and reality. Water cannot be hot and cold at the same time. Food cannot taste good and bad at the same time. We cannot be physically blind and physically able to see at the same time. The South Pole cannot be the North Pole. A doctor or healing institution cannot kill a baby, at the same time saving it.
(God cannot condemn us to eternal separation in His perfect love and perfect Truth. We do that ourselves in that we cannot exist where we do not want to be, or can be, if we are not ‘with one’ of the same nature of goodness, or ‘will’ at minimum, to attain that good.
The Creator of all that is Good cannot be the Creator of all that is evil. They are opposite entities. What use would evil have with good? What alliance could good possibly want with evil?
These are concepts only forces on earth could delve in or contemplate, as we are far from perfect or supernatural. On earth evil will utilize good as a means to an end, no greater seen than in Anti-Christs (of which we have more than to shake a stick at in modern history).
Evil cannot put its true face on anything. (Ora least there was a time when this was a truism and whereas most cultures would put an end to his rising tout suite.)
Now, evil needs and acquires some mysterious shade that blinds the greater masses through such noble ‘goodness’, ‘ironically’ claimed in the name of impossible man-made perfection.
You know them better as absolute freedom of expression (else it’s not considered freedom at all, but merely censorship, absolute freedom of academia, absolute freedom of the arts, any acts deemed necessary for the communal good, ( violent, controlling, robbing, and freedom limiting, liberalism or Marxism), Nazism, Communism, sexual ‘freedoms’ complete with self- contained or attached ideologies, that destroy third parties at minimum, pitting or dividing races and sexes against each other in the name of historical persecutions and oppressions, putting mothers against children in the name of a self-fulfilment.... filling enough..... to mean nothing, to the strangers and adoring public, they’re working for, but quite empty to take to the lonely grave with.
Oh, and funny thing about those absolute freedoms. Of course, they are only illusions in man’s feeble attempt at making anything perfect. ‘Not all’ (quite yet) perversions are free to be in the public domain (with no explanation from the enlightened class), but you can take it to the bank that anything good, or of virtue, or in thoughtful criticism, is not only soundly censored through the conjoined establishment, but if it sneaks through the liberal iron curtain, it is labelled as a ‘hatred’ to be reviled and punished.
Logically, in the Supernatural, evil is only allowed to exist, by all that is good, to test the hearts and souls of man in the hearth or fire, of pride and temptation, in order to be worthy of eternal placement in heaven. This is consistent not only in logic, but throughout the bible and in the reality of the fact evil exists and is prominent today throughout the entire world.
If we were all born (guaranteed) ‘good’, we would not be born at all, nor could we prove our love, or be given the greatest love and gift of all, ‘choices’ and super (‘superior’, over animals, for instance) powers, though obviously not ‘supernatural’, to decide our own eternal destinies and to aid our sons, and daughters, and brothers and sisters as we would want their aid.
Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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