Saturday, February 24, 2007

I Love This Country

What a Great Country Soldiers Died For, Eh?
Abortion on demand, at any stage at shop till you drop locations, Quebec hoping to specialize in late term abortions.... 5 to 7 lb babies.
Perversion on demand every night and that’s just CBC and TVO
Males (gag) marrying males...raising kids
!st Caledonia....then the Country
Catholic Church stands for nothing, at least, that’s the tax exempt story, they’re sticking to.
Survey says, no one would actually defend the Country in a war. Gee.... I wonder why?
Environment number one issue in a Catholic Register National Survey of the Canadian Church
Marxist- Leninist unionists have sole public money franchise on teaching mine and your kids in any Board in Canada.
No choice at all, in selecting political ‘leaders’, only parties and no difference there except on depths of incompetence, and choice of tax exemptions or tax spending. No local representatives except party leaders have any say in party populist agendas set by consultants, anyway.
Political hacks rewarded merely with lifetime Senate seats and Supreme Court appointments.
All media roads lead to Ryerson.
One word..... Quebec
Number one influence on Canadian culture/and school suspensions is now the Board of Health who should do us all a great freedom, and financial savings, by going back to simply looking for cockroaches in school and public cafeterias.
Can go on, but you get the idea and you vote for them.
Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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