Saturday, February 24, 2007

Year of Christ the Truth Petition

Year of Christ The Truth
Primarily, this is a request to start petitions to the Holy Father to proclaim a year of Christ the Truth.
Now, just think about it.
That is the idea!... To actually get people to think about ‘it’, or to remind those of it who knew it once, and carried it more pragmatically than they do now.
He was the Living Truth and gave us the Spoken Word as Truth for and through the Gospels of Truth. The Truth of Love, Suffering made Holy .... for instance, and how they are not always mutually exclusive. The Truth of Sacrifice and eternal reward and the time for celebrating and time for sacrificing.
What could possibly be more from the pure root of Christianity than Christ proclaiming the Truth from the time He could talk.
What philosophy could be based outside, beyond or around the perfect Truth of Christ.... as the Son of the Creator of all within the beauty of life and free will?
Of course free will of the person can not be Truth to detrimentally effect the free will of another person. To do injury to another of course, up to, and including causing death effects the free will given to that person, by God.
In such cases, what is only God’s domain has been trespassed and the victim person is to be defended as an act of love to the person and God, where even laying one’s life down may be called upon. "There is no greater love for another than to lay one’s life down for them".
Of course, at minimum, this implies a civic responsibility for censorship of the publically perverse, which can not only physically, and mentally damage the free will and innocense of another, but of course, put souls at risk and in this age of rampant public immorality, tragically at younger and younger ages. We have to live in a secular world by fact, but never have to surrender to it, by will.

Regarding Tax Exempt Status
Remaining ‘silent’ about secular evil, wherever it lies...governments- foreign or domestic, academia (even under the guise of ‘Catholic education’ at times), news and entertainment media, judicial, medical or scientific communities, is being ‘political’ by its very nature. It is not prudent to remain silent about evil. One must take up another line of ‘work’ if that is the cost. For instance how can one be silent in order to be a nurse, if the ‘job’ requires participation in aiding and procuring abortions.
To ‘keep silent’, is being political by its very nature, especially when secularism has crossed the domain of the Church, and no longer the protecting and nourishing of the ‘souls of the young, the innocent and those looking for guidance’. Too, why would you ‘shut up’ when a person running for office is pro abortion or anti family and at the same time, passing himself off as a good Catholic in the community. If the pro abortion person is using the public forum to advance his agenda, he must be fought in the public forum to be exposed for what he is by those representing the truth and good of the Christ. Those who live by the sword of the public must die by the sword of the public to inform the public of the truth.
Put more bluntly, if that’s possible, were Christ to appear at Mass for the Homily, would anyone including the Church Hierarchy, dare to caution Him not to say anything that might jeopardize the Church’s tax exempt status?
I have to believe we will all have more to answer for, for not even trying than to possibly be wrong on some aspect of greatest of intention for fellow man woman and child, under the prayerful guidance of Christ.
And too what is to fear on the part of the Church? Would the Church’s loyal followers dump the Church and abstain from all donations because the Catholic Church lost its tax exemption ‘status’ (a bold unlikely, penalty on the part of any sitting government) and actually get closer to its roots of preaching the Truth....the Word of God, fearless, and unchained from any retribution from the government or a secular world in a state possibly at its worst in the history of Christianity?
More likely, quite the opposite would be true, and the Church would be rebuilt stronger, as in a ‘three day’ refesher, and braver than ever and the only beacon for morality, decency, forgiveness, mere salvation, and the Truth of Christ! Please forward on.
Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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