Saturday, February 24, 2007

Clash of Righteousness (Re Amish Innocent Girl’s Lives Taken)
This week had retro pre- 9/11 written all over it.
North America was back to being obsessed with narcissistic party politics and the narcissistic banal causes of the pedicured professional chattering classes.
It’s all about ‘me’ or ‘us’ to the detriment of all else.
‘I/we’ are the centre of the universe and we want to be paid attention to, and ‘served’ on demand.
We need our Godless guilt-driven socialist causes imposed on all, to help us sleep better and give us a Nihilist sense of being able to do it alone or thru ‘people power’.
We want our ‘disposables’ to deal with, what we can’t find ‘fast-food easy’ to handle including morals, marriage, family and... life itself if it interferes with our lifestyle and self-importance and ambition.
We pray for peace at ‘all’ present and future costs, that our own personal lifestyles will be least affected over prayers for victory over evil or for those who defend us and to the greater glory the true loving righteous of our very Creator.
Of course, we want instant sex and instant entertainment any societal perverted and self- damaging way, we desire, and the more in the face of all ages of open society the better...
All the better to make it acceptable normal and wickedly desired, simply comparable to sneaking chocolate on a health diet.
As a result, individuals no one would have ever heard of are suddenly house-hold names thanks to the political and media penchants for looking under rocks to expose and ingratiate slime unintentionally... ‘we wish’. Apparently, there’s no fun existing in a cesspool of ‘ in your face occasion for sin’ unless we can scrutinize every bubble or boil that percolates to the top, taking notes on how better not to be caught... ourselves.
We could say we learned a valued lesson on how close to incompetency, crisis management, and complacency, political ‘stars’... movers and shakers... actually exist, but who didn’t know? -aside from blind loyalists who equated the Truth of God with party affiliation or blank cheque membership.
Hopefully, we did learn that our precious votes and societal sense of ‘effective’ responsibility should not come free and easy.... anymore to anyone! They must be earned on something more precious and long term effective than, " Look at what you get if you don’t vote for us" or " The promise cheque is still in the mail".
Holy innocents of society were demonstratively taken again from society in a show of evil vs good and once again good wins out in the end. The Amish were perfect examples and representative of those who push out evil leaving no vacuum for souls, where none ever existed.
They represented those who want all that’s really important for their children, not unlike Judeo-Christians who adhere to Truth and love and responsibly guard their children’s innocense not strictly for it’s pure beauty for being closest from God, but for showing ourselves what God created us as and intended for us to aspire too.
The man who slaughtered these innocents was representative of a society increasingly, narcissistic, increasingly plotting and welcoming evil leading to being increasingly insane, and increasingly Nihilist in self-given power and self importance.
Though obviously not Catholic, I believe these sweet and pure lives were taken and their blood shed, but to the transparent example of two distinct and contrasting worlds, only one claimed and supported by God. Their ghosts should be implored for miracles and their eternal resting place elevated to Sainthood as there has been/are... non-Catholic Saints.
Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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