Saturday, February 24, 2007

On Depreciation of Political Capital

Depreciation on Political Capital
Nona Pelosi and her Democrat dolci bimbies should know that depreciation on political capital in the early years of this new century hits fast and furious, especially if you try to take it with you.... never spending it.
President (apparently- retired) Bush couldn’t afford Rummy two bucks for a warm cup of dignity the day after the election when he changed his clothes while forgetting to close the Army Surplus change room door.
Oh yeah, thanks for nothing, Republican House and Senate from all North American social conservatives. Come back when you understand you actually have to do something when you’re elected while running on a conservative treadmill if not platform.
The only thing that can salvage President Bush (and thus social conservatism attributed wrongly or rightly to him,) now is an offensive launched on Iran (and Syria if needed) whom former Mayor Koch so eloquently put, ‘has long unofficially declared war on the U.S.’ though not yet reciprocated by America. Iran remains the only definitive stopper in Iraq and sizeable heart and soul of terrorism in the Mid-East. North Korea is on ice for now and never had the free reign attributed to it as a Communist China’s useful idiot, to begin with.
At this point in time, Feb. /07, it looks like Israel may be the political route to get the Iran fire ball rolling and that seems to suite President Bush and frankly myself, just fine.
Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont. Canada

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