Saturday, February 24, 2007

'Them's' Paid by 'Us'

Them’s Paid by Us
I couldn’t believe the audacity of a Toronto civic politician this week when she announced," the one way to get to ‘them’ is in the pocket book"
She wasn’t talking about outside contractors with outstanding work, or of fining criminals breaking the law which strangely word- associates with the next example, governments higher up the hand- out ladder.
No, she was talking about raising the ‘fines’ on us environmental-challenged louts for putting out too many garbage bags.
Is there any aspect of society left where we are not paying the animals to run the zoo, and the cons. to run our jails?
Forget, that it was/is governments politicians and bureaucracies of the past and present who should be sued for being asleep at the switch or worse, as negligent as nine to (sometime) fiver Walkerton boys, when they could undoubtedly foresee the present trillion dollar hydro, hospital, educational, native, military, transportation, environmental name it... crisis, and impending crap-kicking recession...... to name a few.
Forget the fact, that populist leftist ideology, science-‘political’ and political cowardice have been the sole reason and feeder for these crisis, or that large families, sole producers- of multiply nation- born tax payers, to pay for the ‘never-never’ costs of socialism, should get punished again...this time for their household limit of garbage bags.
No, the part that steams the most is this, ‘us them mentality’ of politicians and governments.
‘We are’ supposed to be the government. ‘We the people’ are paying to have our best interests served by ‘fellow’ citizens elected or employed to serve our best interests and provide services, traditional in nature, and as narrow in scope as necessary as to not impose tremendous future debt, deficits, poor service, or interrupted service or no more service of traditional community necessary responsibilities.
The Ministry of transportation is another ‘us and them’ attitude to remind citizens to keep humble. If we are the government and certainly pay for it, why is driving commonly considered
a privilege by the media the government?
No, driving should be a right, we the people give ourselves. Granted, duhh!, it is a right with responsibility, for the safety of others. But why is it used more-so as a cash-cow for general Provincial revenue, than anything else with increasingly steep user fees (especially under McGuinty) with fines for not paying administrative fines well above any financially institution, extortionary penalty within sixty days, including suspension of driving ‘privileges’??
Why can we not vote on what political causes get tremendous amounts of tax dollars when so many other areas are under served? Is our (‘we the people’s’) compassion and intelligence not to be trusted? Why can’t we decide the ‘minimum’ of when and where paedophiles are released or how murderers of various degree should be treated as in plebiscites in California? Are multiply citizen- heads not better than one judge?
No, we have no say because it is ‘us vs. them’ and respectfully, czar Nicolas would be far preferable to ‘them’ because at least he was weighted with a serious sense of responsibility, before ‘them’ killed him, and his family.... out of envy, greed and selfishness of the birth of the common proletariat that is too common in ‘free’ nations of the day.
That proletariat is seen in the brainwashed chatting professional classes ( liberally brain- washed in their own right). It’s seen in the elitist unions that have cost more jobs than any other single cause and sent, ironically, a booming economy to socialist countries and a communist country birthed by the very same father of unionism. A communism that will win out economically because of the late maturation of slow acting poisonous fruit, fed on, from the ‘thirties’ until now.
It is seen in the major centres that control vast land masses, and distant populations yet occupy very little, in comparative land mass, and share less in culture or concern, of those, they ultimately, affect, control and tax. Noam Chomsky, Marx and Engels...bite my butt.

Paul Gordon
Cannington Ont.

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