Saturday, February 24, 2007

Harper’s Work is Done!
Now that Steven Harper has dispensed with his half-hearted obligation to Christians of putting a ‘think-about’ same-sex marriage motion before parliament, he can get on with the rest of his pro-life, pro-family initiatives.
Let’s see that would be, oh yes.....zilch, nada nothing!
Let us also not forget that Harper left ’it’ till the evening before the election to let all Canada know that he had no intention of ‘ever’ doing anything pro-life, and that he never harboured such aspirations. "It was only the media" that put that ‘cross’ on him and his party.
Forgetting that party backbenchers ever did, or ever will have serious say in how Canada’s politically- correct parties set agendas and choose Bills to vote on, we are of course, left with the following ‘main-stream’ pro-Christian, pro-family, parties.
Let’s see, that would be, oh yes..... zilch, nada, nothing!
But we do have fringe pro-life pro-family official parties with reps. in many ridings.
If you want to vote in good conscience, vote for these social conservative parties alone, because the mainstream parties won’t touch pro-life or pro-family issues with a ten foot pole no matter who is sitting on their back benches. After all, what is the most important issue you can think of right now, tax cuts, environment taxes and jobs, or killing babies? If you said the first two you must be public or private conservative school taught, belong to a union or hold a directorship and raised on the Toronto Sun or Toronto Star. If you said the third issue, welcome back to the human race.
Vote for the main stream parties if you wish, but make them put the horse before the cart not have them make you give them your blind trust. Who is working for who here? Don’t they p on you enough once they are in office?
Write the party leadership...(forgetting about your local yoko who has no say that isn’t in line with the party populist agenda) in advance and tell them you won’t be voting for them until you see some solid pro-life and pro-family movement on the part of the party leadership prior to the election.
If they come through, by all means vote for the mainstream party, if not, go with a clean conscience you can take in defiance to the world (Christ warned us of) to your death bed if necessary. You can’t get any more close to the political truth than this..I promise you.
Paul Gordon, Pickering Ont.

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