Saturday, February 24, 2007

Liberal Wackos...From the Little Guy Perspective

Liberal Wackos... From the Little Guy Perspective
According to the left, there are so many people who can’t have an opinion on their pet celeb. issues, ostensibly, because they are not intelligent and capable of logic and reason, have too many hang-ups ( read..phobias, the newest, being school phobia, in ahead of the curve, Germany) or can’t prophesy the future like they can, on a ‘consensus’ of leftist opinion.
Ostensibly....yes . but in reality, millions of people are denied opinion, simply because they disagree. Although the socialist have a firmer hold on all aspects of control and/of life, including academia and media(s) in free Countries, whose fault can that be, except ours, and that of our fathers.
I want to speak on behalf of this genuine bonafide ‘little guy’ and I hope I am allowed, because I am one. No one who has claimed to be ‘for me’ or speak ‘for me’ or has done so, to any satisfaction of mine, whatsoever.
I don’t even want to hear talk about the failing Marxist standby, unionism, which has robbed more people of private industry and some government agency jobs, and created a wealth of private executive pimp positions, who in turn, created a greater wealth of peon ( minimum wage/no benefits/minimum vacation day) positions for us little guys.
Look some shifty religion hating Marxists invaded or influenced much of North America in the last century and instead of telling the ‘vast voting mass’ of ‘little guys’ they could, for instance, vote in politicians who could pass strong labour laws, as safety protecting as the era was advanced for, and even setting minimum wages, if they so desired.... they played on their greed and poverty and extorted, quite commonly by violence, governments and industries for never political and financial satiated appetites.
Today, of course these pyramid schemes which were paid for on the future and backs of our youth, now come back to bite us, big time, in such things as pension, and health care expense and in debt and operating costs of any government agency that also allows for any slip and fall lawyer, and activists, beyond reason law suits that only punish the taxpayer and the short still the little guy, never the big guy. Big guys don’t take on losses! And investors don’t invest in losers for long!
They pass losses on, or move on, out of state/province/country, or close up shop, all of which hurt the ‘little guy’.
In regards to the environment... champions of the chattering class actually in total defiance to the ‘little guy’ come up with great ideas and are very successful and wealthy for doing so, but do not expect, plan or worry about paying for their ideas themselves. No, the vast number of taxpayers, who pay to vast amount of taxes, our middle and even low income people... the little guy pay for environmental activist’s projects and fame.
We are now to believe that so-called Global Warming causes childhood diseases, childhood elevated fevers and childhood nightmares ( read "For the Children"). There is always some liberal crisis that is the cause of all disease isn’t there. Global Cooling of the seventies didn’t cut it and acid rain fizzled long ago when there were no wars, led by conservatives, that is, to protest.. Second- hand smoke was supposed to cause testicles to fall off and asbestos had the proximity danger of radiation poisoning, yet only (some) people who constantly worked with asbestos were the only ones who developed related lung diseases from it.
What leaders can only lead if they are a) paid handsomely including through post- political life appointments from lobbyists b) require huge sums of money from you, and the family cookie jar
‘as special pay- back- the- debt of former cowardly politicians’ special taxes and c) allowed to do everything you can’t (one example being, send their kids to private school or schools of choice) or simply everything you are not allowed to do, up to, and including breaking the law with impunity.
It is not just a matter of strict controls and unreasonable time-tables and limits costing jobs.
In Ontario for one, the little guy is not allowed to have his ten year old car (all he can afford) on the road anymore because he can’t pass annual environmental checks where he also has to pay for the test to tell him, his car won’t be allowed on public roads anymore.
Of course, the dearly tolled highway that runs across the North of the GTA would never see the little guys car either, though the environmentalist celebrities and politicians can drive their SUVs, and publicity cross country buses on their practically private roads anytime they desire.
Little guys should unite and have their own ‘consensus’ for a change, or we’re no better than our fathers who were taken- in to the fantastical, artificial and phoney world of socialism. A kind of unique socialism who would now dare to socialize exact sciences.

Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont.

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