Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oh, The Tax Man Can...

The Tax Man Can
All right everyone, gather ‘round
Who can hike a purchase
double.. if it’s gas,...(double if it’s gas)
The tax man... Oh the tax man can,
The tax man can cuz he nixes any fun
that costs any money..... like drinking and
eating ......‘cept locusts and honey.
The tax man can The tax man can
Oh the tax man takes everything we make
and hands it to the special interests.
Everything and more, all their wishes
We can diss their sass, but whose the fishes
Who can cut services...up the user fees
We’ll take your overtime, now back to work and
mine. All the more............ if you please
The tax man can Oh the tax man can
Who says all we buy, is a luxury
And all the more we need, the more
expensive it’ll be. That’ll be interest
on t- returns if... we don’t hurry.
Oh The Tax man does The Tax man does
Oh the tax man takes......
Who can download entitlements,
Change all the freakin rules
Then start a plan anew if
it’s just as costly and as cool
Oh, The Tax man can
Who can flash the money at election time, call it all their
own and throw us back a bone. Heh, any time we can be,
at yourrrr service.

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