Saturday, February 24, 2007

Draft a SoCon Ticket in the U.S.A.

I have been sending the following to conservative/Catholic/Christian groups/churches in the U.S....please pass on
Draft a Santorum/Steele or Steele/Santorum Ticket
There is only one Republican ticket that should satisfy Judeo-Christian Pro-life and Pro-Family conservatives completely and very few others, if any, that should inspire us to reward any otherwise pseudo-pro-life conservative, or party with our votes at all.
Are the odds against it...? Yes. Are the odds against goodness taking on evil in North America in any form....Yes. Is it worth it? It is imperative for the individual, community and Nation !!
In fact of where sound theology and reality of serious belief in Christ and God meet, our religions demand it, for all that is good and Holy, not simply to be contrary. Spread the Good News and defend the least of us!
Fighting evil wherever it is ‘thinly’ disguised and lurking, even over real fiscal conservatism, and socialist perceived benefit is paramount (right vs left temporal causes) over who is more ‘likeable’, politically ‘experienced’, or ‘accommodating to polls’.
It has been said, conservatism is a way of life or way to live while liberalism is merely ‘opinion’ on how people should be able to live with or without help and in harm of self, or to others, of course, never choosing such a lifestyle for oneself.
Who wants nationalist candy opinion heavily influenced and affected, if not effected by multi- media and populist culture, or competing political cultures?
In fact, socialism which is eight/eighths evil in my book, (as for instance, because it exists, contrary to religion, contrary to will and choice, contrary to economic principles in reality, and contrary to incentive and in deference to the conscience of the individual) wouldn’t matter if it was perceived one eighth good on unworkable ‘equal wealth sharing’... in a world soaked in original sin and seduced by the worst of flighty secularism.
Democratic capitalist societies or free nations, have no monopoly on power, greed, censorship, immorality and lack of respect for life at any stage. On this last point, for what it is now worth, free nations still tend to have more respect for life if only populist media and academic ‘bounded’ and in disbelief..... ‘judicially ruled legal morality’...... by Nations whose Constitutions are clearly pro-life in intent and are intended officially time enduring in nature.
The best one can say is ‘tend’ to be more pro-life because there is no shortage of anti-life practices in free democratic and/or capitalist ones.
**That Presidential ticket that is needed is a Santorum/Steele or Steele/Santorum ticket in 08**
Such a ticket would be the Republican version of a young Kennedy ticket as it was to the Democrats of the sixties, (the same Kennedys would not be nearly progressive enough for the liberals and even some conservatives of today)
The political small m messiah the Republicans need of youth, enthusiasm, and new direction that is both pro-life, pro-family and very respectful and appreciative of the military is Santorum/Steele. Jack Kennedy may have tried to kick the Papacy out of America, but he did not kick Christ out of any American as the Judicial and many politicians on both sides of the floor would do now.
Write these men of principle of integrity in support and in plea of drafting them for an 08 candidate ticket and write the Republican Party and let them know they are certainly not offering anyone equal or better that deserve your vote.
Paul Gordon
Pickering Ont

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