Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rush, What Goes Around.......

Rush Betrayed? So Rush never felt so betrayed by the Republicans than he has now in the election Cuccinelli lost in Virginia. Apparently, the GOP elite didn’t want a tea partier to win and wanted to use him as a lesson to all tea partiers that they want purged from their new purist politically correct party. I might remind Rush that Obama wouldn’t be in power today had the Reaganites and the GOP not had stars in their eyes when they wanted their man Romney in as they saw him as the best moderate of the time to put the party back in power. As if the MSM wasn’t enough of a foe for Santorum the Reaganites did as much to support Santorum as the GOP did for Cuccinelli. Drudge carried water for the GOP united team back then and even Rush’s stand in Mark Steyn claimed that a vote for Santorum was a vote for theocracy (oh pleeze). Anytime Santorum gained a little traction, the GOP tag team snuffed him out beginning with the first primary that he won and where the GOP for a while was won by Romney. Then, there was the attacks on Santorum’s family repeated by ‘conservative’ talk show Reaganites and Drudge. Well, what goes around comes around and the GOP and the Reaganites got what they deserved and will continue to face disasters with little support from principled Judeo-Christians who don’t cancel or waylay basic beliefs for compromised ‘power’ of any party including the GOP. The Reaganites need to find a new party because it is obvious the GOP has dumped them like they did Judeo-Christians…. in a heartbeat. They need to walk the walk everyday of every 4 years. Paul Gordon

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