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If a Commentator Writes in a Forest of Blogs?

If A Commentator Writes in a Forest of Blogs?

Is it 'Human Rights' verboten if no one reads it and is it only verboten if someone is offended?
Or, is it just the blogs of isolated big city oaks that are fair game of the thought police.

With a free flowing searchable Internet anyone can be a commentator and can express his opinions freely in a free country, (hence the trouble between Google and Communist China.)

If what is thought and expressed only depends on who you are, as to be made an example of, then thought policing is not a law of the land equally applied. And if what one believes is not to be freely expressed than perhaps everyone needs to blog to really tie up the thought police with the blogisphere?

Mass civil disobedience in this case, is merely at one's fingertips.

How far is political correctness prepared to go? ...political prisoners?
What are conservatives prepared to do in response? What side is the real law of the land going to fall on in juggling Constitutional rights with faddish activist instigated socialist laws.

I'm just wondering because here is a few things I really believe.

Quick, someone remind me what the freedoms of the free world are again that Churchill and Roosevelt wanted to preserve and have millions die for. In a famous speech Churchill gave to the Canadian Parliament, he mentioned it was anarchy rule that he feared as a result of defeat.

England has just attained the fifty percent tax rate.. That's the old 'one for us, one for you', Marxist shtick. Ontario Canadians are no better off when all the taxes are tallied from HST to property tax, to special 'sin' taxes which now include a whopping fee on gasoline. Meanwhile McGuinty brought in state day care which couldn't even be filled, because only a few activists were actually clamouring for it.

The Ontario State rules that school boards must have prom dances that must allow male adult pedophile friends of teenage boys. And that's just the Catholic schools.

The Ontario State that doesn't allow freedom of speech is the same State that must teach all children on matters of sexuality, and that must begin at five years old...helloooo!

The latest Canadian State, mentally deranged Medal of Canada recipient's daytime job is to kill as many babies as he can get his slimy decrepit fingers on, and on the taxpayer's dollar. What is this, Shudder Island?

The greatest, (make that 'only') revered religion in the world was founded by a tribal murderous bully who was a pedophile of little girls and whose followers, single most important duty is to kill (or standby and snicker while others kill) those who would rather die than switch and submit to any of the religion's latest Arab dictatorship bully, not the one God explained through the ages.

Politicians too eager to please and get re-elected, than lead, like minority appointed Prime Minister Harper feel compelled by the momentum of the tin foil 'kill God' ball to mess with the anthem, of an atheist and anarchy overwrought nation at the mere suggestion by an 'appointed' quasi politician of a Senate where one needs a program to try and distinguish the proletariat from the bourgeoisie.

The United States have answered the question, is it possible for a subversive ego maniac who never grew out of the clutches of Marxist state educators to become President and attempt to implement a five year no return socialist plan, in one.... causing economic extortion and anarchy. Where's the money going now, who has it and to what end? The Chicago way makes it harder to follow.

Hollywood's elite is led by a Tom Hanks who unbelievably calls his country racist for its involvement in World War II and for fighting the insanity known as Islamic terrorism with both hands of the military tied behind their backs, and made to jump in head first.

With a little literary license, Hank's character in Saving Private Ryan exemplifies Hollywood's elitist idiotic interference, when a soldier gets shot trying to protect a little girl but for Hank's character drawing enemy attention in arguing with the soldier to not help the little girl.

The latest nuance added to the politically correct ways of fighting terrorism is not to conduct night time house raids as they are seen as an affront to a Muslim terrorist suspect's pride of not being seen to be able to protect his family.

The richest men in the United States who made their fortunes in great economic irony, through capitalism, contort themselves into the greatest control freak Marxists the U.S. has ever seen and then take bows and shout outs for it. This special elite has taken it upon themselves to depopulate the world anyway they can because they are what..the chosen?.... The ones who personally wouldn't have abortions but would sure as Hell make sure millions of others do, especially those conceived through no fault of there own in third world despotically made poor nations.

In order to feel good about oneself and one's family as a parent, there needs to be a moral code, a focus to at least admire from a distance, a morality one can feel comfortable with, a spirituality of Truth at best... atheism and pantheism at worst.

Moral anarchy and moral relativism is not the Truth that sets one free.

A young woman in nouveau Ontario demanded that all women be given the 'right' to go topless in public in Ontario, certainly not that all women in Ontario were asking her to fight for that right.

The devious Premier at the time, Michael Harris one relative fiscal conservative, with little social conscience, who didn't mind riding in to power on social conservative short lived promises that lasted as long, as not divorcing his family for greener pastures thought it would be cute (?) (I don't know, ask him) not to appeal the first court ruling where she won her case for herself, and all women of Ontario to go topless in public.

The upshot was that the young woman never personally wanted to go topless in public and neither did any of the women she 'stood up' for in Ontario it was just a law that constricted their rights like some semblance of claustrophobia, I can only surmise. Are women really socitial victims just because they don't have the 'right' to damn well do whatever they please? And the men....well there are no men left, are there?

The women's hockey team sure showed the world who the men are in Canada. What, no lesbian pile-ons between cigars and beers under the hot world camera lights?

It wasn't the first time moral relativism was enshrined into law at the bequest of mental illness, mischief, or just plain deviancy in Canada and certainly wasn't the last, with all the homosexual activism based law turnovers and legislation culminating in the right of same sex parents given the right to adopt children based solely on the distinction of their sexually deviant practices from the norm and nature, and of a sub culture fraught with personal and societal mental illness issues.

When the State takes firm atheist and pantheist positions of the Marxist religion and attacks Christianity and morality, it is not a society of confidence for families to thrive in nor a present nation to take pride in, which can only be measured by its current make-up.

As statistically spelled out, solid families and Nations do not thrive in such, especially when said States dictate how one's children should be raised, and educated in one publicly financed and massive union extortion based education system and how all citizens are allowed to think.

Paul Gordon

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