Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where Is The Rhetoric Again Part 1

Where Is The Rhetoric Again Part1

Recently, a U.S politician had to make amends to an elected colleague for letting his emotions get the better of himself and not resisting the uttering of a serious charge, “baby killer” to be heard around the nation.

His apology was solely constituted that he meant to protest freshly passed legislation under the title of health care and not directed at the offended politician speaking at the time, and the latest to be persuaded to support a rather obscured but bureaucratic giant mishmash seemingly conceived more to accommodate many political goals.

One would safely assume that the agitated politician also meant, that more babies than usual would be killed, with abortions already being legal and the practice being quite lucrative to certain physicians, Planned Parenthood, and politically, if not also financially lucrative to various politicians and political parties.

Indeed, the already heavily taxed citizenry onus to pay for future abortions was surprisingly the one insistence the President would not back down on at the risk of any other political goal he may have accomplished.

There was of course the obligatory banal empty promises to try and appease the politically ignorant and prepare the pallet for the favorable media to work with, but the Presidential escape clause was one you could bet the house on, if you weren't renting it from a nearer branch of the State.

Of course, in truth one wonders what the offending politician had to apologize for at all, less, the modern politically correct slam etiquette of not remembering the political disarming of the seriousness of abortion with the long established high right of legal and politically granted natural conscience (or to imbibe a Christian..Holy Ghost guided) guilt freedom from the most casualness of reasons to obsessive political 'rights' surfers, to just plain angst against God, morality, or nature (for the lost spiritually 'organic' worshiper).

Mental illness, legitimate, or of dubious suspicion and origin being the trump card to very much do as one likes with absolute freedom (including excelling in journalism, the arts, and lately, health and the sciences), sometimes with the aid of another kind spirit.

The legitimate ones are usually (not always), relative easy to spot and always deserving of at least sympathy and compassion.

I digress.

Is not one who who legalizes, who aids and abets, who arranges financing, who empowers from the office of specific elected or appointed authority, not as guilty as Macbeth in the deaths of the innocent by Planned Parenthood and a minute minority of well- healed physicians? Out Damn spot, indeed.

There is nothing for the politician stating the obvious logical fact, to apologize for, except his mass exclusion of more cowardly politicians by name, than one could hold their back to.

A baby one month, two months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, 6 months, 7 months, 8 months, 9 months old, partial birth, left to die cold in an empty room, was alive yesterday with nothing but an unblemished purity of innocence and helplessness, and is dead today, yet no one was responsible or knowingly physically ended, aka killed, this life.

The modern buzz word of 'diversity' sistered with 'feelings', has not confined laws of the land to the pretentious fogies of historical relative yesterday committed to universally stood, eternal constants of morality and justice. No, sometimes two laws can stand in direct contrast and when they can't, quasi legally empower a commission to be popular specific. For the modern real courts it's all in the interpretation, the precedence, and non- government appeal.

The moral, (and to an extent domestic cultural arm of) diversity of Canada is that in any maternity operating area of hospitals in a condensed urban area, one could expect that full baby carts could pass wheeled garbage cans full of dead baby parts in the same hall, both figuratively and literally.

Meanwhile, thousands if not millions of apparently, well- compensated caregivers who couldn't care or less work blissfully under the state approved non laws for the unborn in the very same buildings.

What historically short memories accessories have when you consider Jews are still hunting down government approved death camp workers to their last dying breaths for essentially the same ambivalence and convenient unquestioned submission to federal laws for faddish political convenience. Oh that's right, again, there are simply no laws in Canada for unborn babies, (and not much deterrent for harm after, for that matter, for the defenseless) only tax payer funding.

The Honorable (unbiased, non activist, non politically persuasion appointed, yeah sure) Supreme Court Judges of  the prestegious world wide respected hockey and donut nation of  Canada are still waiting for Brian Mulroney's re-submission of  a new abortion law that will pass the popularity sniff test.

At the time,they stated that Canada could probaly use an aborition law. They just hadn't seen one they liked yet and they are not in the business of legislating (oh really?) and they don't have any good suggestions. Nice lawyer work if you can get the nod for it.

Where does the rhetoric and propaganda lie again and how did it get so prevalent and accepted? And if this is the very core of the mass corruption of man, what else was up for liberal cleansing, that we missed? Only the complete souls, and minds of men and the innocence of children.

Paul Gordon

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