Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Romans Had Nothing On Modern World

Romans Had Nothing On Modern World At Easter

The pagan Roman world of old had nothing on this modern world at bloodying Christ on the Cross.

Surprisingly, the 'free' (one can surmise in hedonism only) world has surpassed Marxism and nations of Islam in a frothing pile-on mission attempt to rid the world of the last vestige of true Christianity.

The gates of Hell are bursting close to the earthly House of God, and we await the outcome, apparently with indifference and unwarranted confidence for the fact and of Christ's promise, (as in what side of the door do we currently stand.)

Understandably, the Church has turned the other cheek to the ignorance of its enemies, but not understandably to an explicable evil that has stolen its heart and subsequent future, and of those Christ holds dearest to His heart... the heart, the minds, the souls, even the physical presence of youth, of which there can be not even the appearance of solidarity.

The Church's, and no less to blame, Catholic parent's critical failing, in this regard was entrusting socialist governments and Church antagonistic socialist unions and too many ambivalent or antagonistic individuals, with the worse than, wasted time of days of the week under their control.

Far more damaging than the forthright missions of secular education is the maddening deviance from the most fundamental of principles of so-called Catholic institutions, not the least in number or damage exemplified by the University of Notre Dame, under the guidance of a standing 'priest' and allowed Catholic venerated name no less.

The point being, is it not bad enough with outside forces crucifying Christ and His Church without a legitimate earthly connexion accelerating an implosion on itself?

The outside enemies of the Church have been media sympathetically freshly emboldened to attack the Church on her self-admittedly gravest of modern errors in accepting sexual deviant males into the priesthood...even though rightfully not conceding on the obvious unnaturalness, that homosexuality is a seriously disordered state that can be sympathized, but never ingratiated or 'celebrated' as the world has chosen.

To at least one arm of the leftist protesting activist legions, the irony of their own protestations is that they attack the Church for the infiltration of their own sexuality centred if not obsessed ideology. Male adolescents molested by adult males are disgustingly perpetrated by males who engage in definitively homosexual acts, and obviously,without the homosexual male presence, no such abhorrent acts would occur.

The deviance into pedophilia in this case requires a disorder of homosexuality and the 'rights' of one does not trump the proven plausible physical safety and mental health of many. Even socialists if not libertarians would concede that narcissistic hedonism would be a 'right' of anarchy and disorder (under any banner), that is harmful to the order and nature of a community within a civilized healthy society.

In other words, people can't do whatever the heck they feel like doing with no restriction or self-control for their own gratifications and expect that there be no repercussions on specific individuals or society in general. It's called no morals, and no self-discipline or world and spiritual anarchy. In one word, Hell.

The Church should make the purging of all homosexuals who have any say in official Church dealings and certainly who have any connections with male children a priority and as part of a general renewal which should include the stripping of official Catholic affiliation with any academic or medical facility and union that officially rejects the basic teachings of Christ and laws of the Church.

It's logical. It's the right thing to do. It is truth. It is also faith in the Christ who will rebuild the Church in three days that will withstand the very gates of Hell. There is no outstanding shining light if you are at one with the world.

As A Reminder

Here is the short list of where an idolatry and narcissistic rights obsessed almighty world that puts all before God (most recently exemplified by a 'cartoon' that fed the jackal- lust for yet, more adolescent and envelope pushing putrid (non) humor by lampooning, another unconstitutional meekly challenged state sanctioned/protected murder of a physically healthy and happy woman by the 'humane' method of dehydration and starvation at the bequest of her ex husband, and to the anguished protests of the loving family her ex husband returned her to) rates the current Church of Christ and current Christian religion,

all nations, academia, arts, entertainment, celebrities in all fields, sports, United Nations, wholesale biased media condemnation, political populist condemnation, valuable bond of families, natural human wonders and responsibilities of childbearing, child rearing/ nurturing/ and formation, healthy private and personal sexuality, respect and freedom of the conscience and decision of the individual, right of Church to free comment on government and political moral and spiritual encroachment free of financial extortion, humiliation, blatant disrespect, and disregard from all branches of government of formally Christian nations especially in activist championed bureaucracy and law, the protection and respect afforded Islam for one religion, demon worship, minority activists of all causes, Marxism including socialism and unionism, militant feminism, atheism, pantheism, Darwinism, narcissism state enshrined privileges, etc. etc

On par
with Hollywood created religion of Scientology

nothing, of no real value, considered harmful at best by apparent consensus of many aspects of world including academia, health sciences, social sciences, dominant news media, and entertainment industry, political and legal corners, in short the new establishment.

We wait on the Church for a new beginning directed towards the salvation of the souls of many and sustaining a Christian future.

Forget the Easter Bunny and the Risen Christ we re- Crucified this year... cry for Christ this Good Friday.... and for us all. An all out war for souls is upon us.

Paul Gordon

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