Friday, March 26, 2010

How do solve a problem like Ann Coulter?

How Do You Handle A Problem Like Ann Coulter?

Not very well, if you are the RCMP, Ottawa Police, F.. A. Houle, University of Ottawa, Ontario Human 'Rights' Commish, the Province of Ontario, Canadian Parliament, or the Nation of Canada.

In one tri-university, 'diversity', road trip, Ann Coulter set the Canadian captives of true conservationism free, or at least put a smile on their face.

She showed just how Euro-U.N. centric Canada, a nation, like all that can only be judged and graded on its present, sum totals and make-up, had become. Nothing leads to the future like the present and in a recent poll, by far, the majority of Canadians stated they would not defend Canada against a serious attack.

One might be forgiven for reading this as a real hedonist nation of narcissists simply waiting for their moment of laying on the ice on their backsides with a beer and a cigar and/or a lot of immigrants whose heart and allegiances simply lie, with their longer historic birth nations .

Canada had become a nation of intellectual thickened fluids, dependent on values, courage and the thinking of stellar world centres of independent (leftist capitulation) like the U.K. France, Germany, Italy, and not least of all, Scandinavia, belly button and bland lint collector.

Hey, as Ann alluded to, when you're too pumped on Tim Horton's, Molsons, hockey, and cigars, I would add homosexuals, and that's just the women, whose got time for the important things in life when you can just steal them from loser nation's and take the gutless, leaderless government's word for it.

Yes, Ann shot down yet another victim sniper, leftist Arab-Canuck seventeen year-old which would be like 45 years old in modern snotty and innocence- lost, years, or one year before turning fiscal conservative. The feelings 'victim' who came innocently to a public forum with an “open mind” also happens to have an open mind about her own Jew hating blog.

Hey, Honey, if you're going to an Ann Coulter speak-slap to the limp-wristed and snickering terrorists supporters if- so facts-so... you're hardly innocent or a cry-baby victim. Activists who play victims just don't do it anymore in the blogisphere age of non- priviledged, or preferred coment speech.

A nation that subversively gives its highest award to its greatest baby killer of all times, (and then its official blind morons like Harper do-nothing- special, like in this case, call the whole thing off... not to mention, call off its bureaucracy gone-wild, backed thought patrol play- judges), is hardly a courageous nation of deep thinkers or freedom defenders from Marxist and socialist control from the left, as so poetically and eloquently demonstrated, in A. Houle's email to Ann. Thank you Frank.

What would have happened if Ann was to threaten to go to Queen's University, Kingston On., Ontario's beloved ivy single, where they recently had , maybe still have, official sent student, thought control, ease dropping hall monitor police like Hitler's youth snitches for the greater 'good' of the community.

Keep those home-fires of real freedoms burning for the free world, in the one nation that still cares about such, Ann.

On an unrelated note, Lifesite, again foolishly heaped praise on leftist, Liberal party self-called pro-lifers having learned nothing from the Democrat 'pro-life' fiasco.

They should not be ingratiating a whole pro-death party for the sake of three (opportunist like, big tent democrats) who voted at at time when their party is leaderless and hanging low in the polls. I wonder where their price bar begins, threat of Party expulsion?

Of course, with Harper you never know what to expect anymore, which is the problem, in that you can't predict and certainly can't count on him for anything.

The Federal pro-life liberal caucus, now down to apparently three , has shown its true colors in the past while keeping up, donations to Lifesite/Campaign Life Coalition and slumming the Church crowds while the political baby killing scene has only progressed for the worst for the last ohhh fifty years or so, but let's hold out for the big liberal move.

Let's see, politics and ideology or babies lives, hmmm, who to choose... what to do?

As stated by American pro-life leaders, the notion of 'pro-life leftists' is a myth.

P.S. Please visit and sign my petition site to the Vatican to proclaim, 'The Year of Christ the Truth' as everyone seems to have forgotten and acts like Pontious Pilate looking for a better way with the bloodied Christ standing in front of him.

Paul Gordon

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