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Vatican Attacked by the Left, But for Church's Leftist Element

Vatican Attacked by the Left, But for Church's Leftist Element

From the Observer, we have the Vatican hate musings of a person whose very name invokes the image of a right of media snobbery upper class heritage.

Fintan O'toole (naturally), assistant editor of the Irish Times, writes with all the fraudulent authority the left has smothered the Euro and American masses with since taking to the throne of the establishment since the years of my youth when the world firmly adopted the religion of Marxism.

I'm sure the Guardian is Canada's Toronto Star, (most infamous for its anti religion, religion section) and Globe and Mail, is Americas New York Times and L. A Times and on and on through out Europe, and free Asia, though probably not Africa as the left deems ignorance and poverty an ensured necessity to 'eternally' champion like the shiny unturned rock, Louisiana (thanks to inferior unionized education) turned out to be, and most of South America.

To the left nothing is cuter than native tribes intrinsic freedom rights to be barbaric, tribal, poor and without medicine or modern 'worldian' of them, though like abortion they 'personally' would not want that lifestyle for themselves and nor should these natives have too many children.

O'toole is quite right about various entities playing free and loose (with the truth I take it) “for the greater good”, but too conveniently, he omits the greatest propaganda front of all, the print and news-media, with the entertainment industry closely and comfortably accelerating up the rear.

With the news media especially, for all its claimed high moral ground, it is increasingly hard to distinguish between 'fact' and editorial twist and comment.

So here's the Church according to Fintan. “It is not about sex and it is not about Catholicism. It is not, as Pope Benedict rightly argued in yesterday's distressingly bland pastoral letter, about priestly celibacy. It is about power”. Mind you, when you read his whole article it appears it is more about Fintan's personal distaste for the Catholic Church period.

Yes, lay people, Fintan is here to reveal the Church structure, itself.. is the evil of the Church. And here is how Fintan would save the Church. Firstly, he would adhered to the leftist desires of Vatican II, highlighted best by Toronto's deceased Cardinal Carter, early sixties socialist revolutionist, whose greatest accomplishment (going by his biography) was when he (was what moved by the Holy Ghost?) to break into Vatican offices over night, and with liberal accomplices altered Vatican documents to go “their way”.

O'toole would save the Church with the implementation of democracy. The same none religious savior with a non religious entity, that destroyed other churches open to the faddish whims and temporal and secular longings of the majority that works so well politically by morally and financially bankrupting former prosperous nations of the world.

The same entity of sound doctrine that is open to contamination from whatever propaganda laced corruption of 'power' is currently held by, including academia and with hedonistic laws well suited for the perpetuation of mental illness, primary based on the misplaced emotions of mentally ill Hollywood.

Democracy has it's place, but to say it is the cure all, that it is perfection itself, is quite asinine and a dangerous statute to live by. Democracy is the libertarian belief that brings out and enshrines the worst in people along with the best intentions. It is simply another marker of the 'world' not of heaven.

The true evil of the Church is the Left, which made its greatest inroads exactly, during the period of Fintan's fondest memories, Vatican II, the early sixties, the sex and drug revolution, the narcissistic inspired revolutions of feminism, the acceptance by liberal Bishop Conferences of the veto of spiritual givens by individual, leftist establishment 'formed' individual consciences that went against natural inherent consciouses formed by the Holy Ghost.

The true evil of the Church was the acceptance of the Left's greatest victim champions, homosexuals who were welcomed with open arms into the Church and permeated the Church on all but one level.

Not all homosexuals are pedophiles, but like almost all terrorists these days are Muslim, how can it possibly be argued that all men who molest boys are not homosexuals. What truth is this, but the same truth that says homosexuality is normal and healthy?

And too, a less true, or logically applied statement of the left would be hard to find than, 'an unmarried man, or man who does not experience sex with a female, has a unresisting attraction to having sex with little boys, or other men for that matter. That's a heck of a stretch of propaganda.   

How can homosexuals cry for non-discrimination on all matters of the world, and yet blame, and attempt to tear down the Church for the actions of its homosexuals that the Pope is now trying to deal with and expel?

The cure to the Church's problems is hardly to emulate the world even more, but to distinguish itself even more.

The religions of the world are atheism, narcissism, pantheism, Marxism, fanatic idolatry equally of the living and the dead, equating nationalism, academia, and mental illness of depression inspired modern 'arts' with infallibility, and fanatic idolatry, to name just a few.

Fintan, pick up your leftist journalism brownie points somewhere else!

Paul Gordon

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