Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Limbaugh and Levin Possibly Jealous of Glenn Beck's Success?

Limbaugh and Levin Possibly Jealous of Glenn Beck’s Success?

Mark Levin recently branded Glenn Beck as a clown, forgetting that he, himself treats his listeners annually, (and daily.. seasonally) to scores of his transvestite score, Walking in a Winter Wonderland. Hey, Mark, as Hannity told you, “It wasn’t funny the first time”.

Stuck on stupid, in this case Republican celebrities, the Reaganite worshippers of talk radio believe Ronald Reagan the Hollywood actor was greater than Jesus, and a little less than God, (for Trinity non-believers,) and that the Republican Party needs to be elected at all costs, because they are the ‘good guys’.

The Reaganites are also stuck on other political celebrities over say ...conservatism with boundaries, like Rudy Giuliani, Joe Lieberman, and now Dick Cheney who is now best publicly known for supporting homo-marriages, homo-adoptions, and open homo militaries.

Levin, himself, Limbaugh, and other talk radio Republicans, supported Giuliani for Republican leader and couldn’t get enough of Lieberman wherever he wanted to go. Both of these political celebrities are well known for being pro-homosexual activism, and pro- abortion supporters to cover their liberal all around populist bases.

So despite the odd minor Republican protest uttered from Reaganite lips when they feel it can be helpful,( and remember, Reagan nor the Mrs. ever did anything for Christian pro family and pro life supporters...more said the children and babies they stand for) the thing to do, according to Levin and Limbaugh is to elect the Republicans at any cost and open up the tent if they have to.

I remind social conservatives of a bitter Rush Limbaugh after the mid-terms under George Bush, when the democrats won a majority in the Senate.

Addressing social conservatives directly, Rush snidely stated, “You were never going to accomplish anything prolife in the first place”

And yet, they still feel a big tent is necessary to defeat the worst President and Party in the history of the United States of America??

Where do Levin and Limbaugh personally stand on homosexual activism and abortion? They’re always referring to others, but what exactly do they believe and who do they support and not support on these matters?

I have a relative who only believes in voting for the party he believes has the best chance of winning. How asinine is that? Sports teams enjoy more loyalty.

Yet, as banal as politics sound, nothing more affects all aspects of life including, health and death, how much of one’s earnings one is allowed to keep, and all manner of life in between. But, let’s just vote for the second worse team, because they have some dead celebrities we once lived vicariously through, and we don’t want to be associated with losing teams.

I appreciate the sentimental factor for Cheney, but c’mon Cheney’s wife and daughter don’t make the whole homosexual agenda with all its strong pedophile links an okay lifestyle, and more, a dominant force with Human Rights/Thought Police enforcement power, and State sanctioned academic power entrenched in law over the rights of families and children.

I suspect an elected big tent Republican party doesn’t mean a rats rear-end to most American social conservatives, burned once too often by Republican savvy celebrities, and that they will leave Obama in power over, non-principled traitorous friends.

How else will the historical Republican nefarious status quo be changed?

By no means, a whole hog... Glenn Beck supporter either...

Paul Gordon

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