Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dick Cheney Word Association Doesn't = Social Conservative

Dick Cheney Word Association Doesn’t = Social Conservative

The first things that now come to mind when George Bush’s former VP is now mentioned is that he has a lesbian daughter, a wife who wrote lesbian passages in a novel, that he is okay with homosexual marriages and now that he is okay with open homosexuality in the armed forces.

Whether or not Cheney felt obligated to his family to become publicly supportive of public homosexuality matters not. If all parents adopted and applauded the ways of biological children who tend to naturally revolt (with great help from culture and academia), for periods in their lives, from parents like the Reagans, and the McCains, countless police officers/ chiefs, judges, doctors, celebrities then parenthood would be abdicated (which actually it has..I know).

Misplaced sympathies, hedonistic narcissism, and Christian hatred will buy a huge slice of political correctness, over hedonistic narcissism and Christian hatred, alone.

Dick Cheney’s daughter’s embracing of the homosexual lifestyle does not suddenly make homosexual ‘marriages’, homosexual adoptions, and the military allowing open homosexual lifestyles okay.

CPAC ‘s role in the conservative movement needs to be questioned by all and avoided by any social conservative participation.

These misplaced sympathies really got the ball rolling through the entertainment industry when Tom Hanks kicked off his movie career, selling out America by kissing a man and starting the tears rolling for men having anal sex with other men with a sympathy (beyond what most homosexual men would even stomach for themselves,) but for the propaganda powers of the homosexual activists to turn sympathy into immoral acceptance of AIDS carriers.

No other STD including syphilis has been so ingratiated to perform this trick. Female prostitutes presumably because they charge money and don’t enjoy it, but otherwise, carry out free lifestyles similar to homosexual men (by far the bulk of them) who engage in public and anonymous sex... have no one granting them, special privileges , public freedoms, and especially tear jerk sympathy.

There are no parents and friends of female prostitutes looking for love, acceptance and gratitude for their sexual promiscuous ‘children’ for income.... or fun.

The kindly gentler homosexual propaganda was sopped up by the MSM like the news tabloid, 6o minutes, that kept referring to hospital wards being filled with infected AIDs women and children, though never backed up with actual numbers or official statistics. It was the accepted ‘consensus of science’ of the time..the ‘global warming’ or ‘swine flu’ of day.

(And let us not forget the hundred year media aided coat hanger hoax. Christians were supposed to reel back at the sight of a coat hanger like vampires at the sight of a cross. The only problem with that crock, is that the feminists at Planned Unparenthood couldn’t produce one martyr or the grave site of one martyr of the thousands who supposedly killed themselves with coat hangers while PP was killing thousands of babies (mostly blacks.)

Oddly, some homosexuals who died from AIDS were not equal to others like the PBS documentary run of the mill homosexual AIDS sufferers. For instance, if the homosexual was famous for playing a heterosexual stud like a Rock Hudson, he was to receive little sympathy, especially, for not coming out of the closet voluntarily.

Wasn’t the population of North America to be long decimated by now, whether or not we felt sorry for, and embraced the homosexual lifestyle of the times?

Now the homosexual greatest crock in the history of man demands that we all throw up our hands, handover our kids, and turn our backs forever because sympathy turned to love, turned to preference, turned to morally good, turned to controlling power.

Now, the State (which is supposed to have, and did have, a Constitution to keep it from being hijacked by any political establishment) has joined the North American cultural abyss of Hell and is holding the door open for the leftist establishment to toss our kids down the stairs.

With tons of new real conservative talent conservatives don’t need any more help from CPAC libertarians or Dick Cheney, and his monstrous piece of chained baggage... the resurrection of a ‘big tent’ Republican Party.

Cheney had more than his chance to make a difference and social conservatism was obliviously never high on his to- do list. I’m not exactly sure what Cheney should be credited with, except winning a debate hands- down against an infamous adulterous liberal trial lawyer and ego maniac.

Cheney needs to quietly and gracefully step aside, and work out his personal grudges some other less conservative ‘representative’ way. Otherwise, he has neither God, nor Country’s best interest at heart.

Sorry, Dick, but now as your former boss told everyone, “You are either with us or you are against us”.

Christ didn’t die on a cross so you, I, and all parents could be comfortable our entire lives, nor that the CPAC or the Republican Party could be as smug, obnoxious, and politically correct as the Democrats. At minimum, we have to talk the talk and not try to please everyone.

Paul Gordon

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