Monday, February 1, 2010

Separating Doctors From Death Pimps

Separating Doctors From Death Pimps

For anyone who has read my writings I am not known for supporting any ‘strategies’ against the patient brilliance of evil.

It always involves ego and, or monies and never works out for the ‘good guys’.

There is one way to combat evil and that is with the aid of the unabashed impeccable teachings of Christ and sound principles of Christianity.

(Again, I call on the Vatican to proclaim, Year of Christ The ‘Truth’ if the Vatican really does believe such, and there is no reason, rhyme or logical debate to not believe so.)

Like most social conservatives, I have never trusted a Catholic, pro-life, or quasi pro- life politician, (Brown included) because essentially their job too often is to bend, hide, confound, and in modern times brazenly assault and ridicule truth anyway they possibly can in order to avoid facing political peer disdain at minimum and removal from office at integrity-less perceived worst.

This is the essential beast of the profession of the elected politician, but not a secular ingratiated pass or excuse.

Those elected with the best of intentions or as part of a nefarious career plot from the get-go have all fallen short of even the most reasonable of expectations of pro-life, and pro-child and pro family Christians.. and there are no other kinds.

The business of political ‘parties’ has factually proven the Achilles’ Heal, more so, the bane of democracy over the election of independent thinkers who can exercise their private belief of right and wrong and freedom to vote and make more of a difference for their constituents then the ‘party’ would ever allow them to.

So with all this written I propose, not a strategy, or knew law, but just an exercise of thought for people who pride themselves in being able to know human nature and accurately predict a social outcome based on what has faddishly if not historically proven to be the philosophic factual result of people caring so much about the human rights...the definitions and perimeters of such, if they were personally forced to be active participants in such well spun lofty ideals.

What better social or academic group of elevated prestige to apply this to would there be then, then the highly respected profession of medicine or at least formally highly respected as in the days when the Hippocratic Oath (clear to even the unenlightened) was not contaminated with politics and money itself and actually meant something to those who took the Oath.

I contend that were there such a great depression that in many instances doctors and surgeons could simply not be reimbursed for their skill and practices, that some, though much less than in years past, would actually volunteer to work for free in North American poverty centres and disaster stricken cities at least providing emergency care to those in need of such.

Doctors in the past and even in the present have proven themselves to be the good Samaritans of the day, when faced with legitimate cases dependant on generous compassion.

Now in another situation what if there was a law in a parallel and better universe wherein

1) No abortions could be performed in private clinics or at least performed without direct government real time observation.

2) No doctors could be paid in any manner for any abortion services though legal they would still be.

Hospital clinics would have to rotate various volunteer doctors for only one day a month... even one day a year... to perform abortions to strangers who need not discuss or offer any reason for wishing so, but as an open service to all expectant mothers.

Seriously, how many doctors do you believe would sign up for this ‘civic’ duty, certainly in 99.9 percent of cases if not more, also not being a medical duty, or passing a serious compassionate sniff test, of necessity. nor of one differentiated by anyone. as in the case of current Canadian abortions on demand?

Or in other words, do you believe doctors a non-denominational group for the majority, and at large believe in the narcissistic modern rants of government directed unstable academia, and militant feminists, that the all common abnormal medical interventions of abortions are a human ‘right’ for ‘oppressed’ young women?

I contend they would not, if they have any semblance of a notion of right and wrong (Truth) and if they truly do not want to cause harm... that they were ever diligent of their actions or inactions that will cause death to be unnatural and saved and preserved lives from being no more.

Nor, should they ever have to do such, as an order from the private sector, the government, or an arms length government agency if it isn’t right with them.

Paul Gordon

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