Friday, January 8, 2010

The Moment Has Been Seized

Academia, your moment has long been seized for you... and by nothing new.

There’s nothing new in academia as there is nothing new in Truth. Aside from science (apparently), and political propaganda, how can a truth morph to an untruth?

A number of years ago I scanned some university student newspaper websites including Canada’s leading media journalism Mecca, and found very little that wasn’t dripping in self consumed filth and perversion and not much else. I haven’t visited one since, and I doubt they have changed, except for possibly more hatred of true conservatives.

Political correctness is the less harsh semantic for propaganda...the same Frankenstein rehash of grave parts, birthed to serve only political purpose that embraces collective evil or trades truth for short term ‘strategies’ as a less than honest means to a newly crippled end.

Leadership immune from example that makes decisions cloaked in darkness under the guise of strategy for the means to a great end, never ends thus way.

Time eventually always points out that one of the reasons Truth is Truth is because it does stand alone without the best laid, if gall laden, strategies of man.

The only sweet reprieve of moments not seized by age old political correctness, that whips up rampant freedom intellectual lockdowns, (some while keeping the masses satisfied in the rapture of rampant hedonism) in the most inglorious periods of time were the times nations were most strongest in their embracing of a loving God, certainly not the God of fundamental Islam, nor the pantheist might is right god, of man in the name of the collective with it’s self-defying raised and rewarded heroes.... Marxism.

The stronger the clarion call and (oft divine ingratiated) ‘law’ backed enforcement ( if need be) for a solid battle front of ‘like think’, the more dubious and evil the cause..... that it would require such.

It’s funny how the bully in the room, the thickened fluid of liberalism and evil needs to be taught or instilled, excused, and subvert-ly or nefariously Constitutional-ized, while conservatives evolve individually from such virtues of self-think and a kinship to conscience and at least an un-swayed understanding and appreciation of the virtue of morality as a freeway to the practical guide to Truth... and an openness to be guided by an objective Holy Ghost over the self spiritual powers invested by the non-powers of however well- intentioned or blatant conniving world.

For a period of time in North America during the Marxist insurgency firstly in academia, then entertainment, and later in all societal institutions including a sizable portion of the Church, such conservatives wandered individually in the desert unless they sought out others who were not trained, taught or told by others of the popular right way to think, to talk or to act.

The usual suspect slices of the evil pie in the current freedom waylaid United States revel in joint propaganda bonding and heavy handed mutual interest control . If you question one, you are attacked by all.

Obama the deceitful... the unqualified, is the greatest example of the worst of the United States to percolate to the top through liberal political correctness primarily, if not exclusively fronted by the democratic party, and by purporting to be a number of things he has proven himself to be not.

Least of all, he is not a black man representative of the good and God inspired blacks of the United States. From the gospel bonded slaves who never lost faith and selflessly endured, but for the love of the Christ, His example, His sacrifice, His Truth, they knew would set them free, to Martin Luther King invoking the love of God, not the hatred or death conversions of Mohamed, to the sincerity of a Ray Charles invoking God to Bless America, Obama is assuredly not representative of the American black.

We have the number of the man who pretended to be a Christian for as long as a campaign trail and then couldn’t even attend a Christian Church up to, or on Christmas Day.

His motive and his method was self aggrandizement through socialism.

And how could anyone stating that “ That no young couple should be burdened with that (they should abort their baby)” be not self possessed enough to ever be open to a window of a sliver of grace and decency from the only one he won’t bow to?

Paul Gordon

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