Saturday, November 14, 2015

Where's the Outrage from Levin and Limbaugh?

M.I.A  Outrage from Levin and Limbaugh on Trump

So Levin and Limbaugh have high standards of conservatism adopted from their leader, Ronald Regan if not William Buckley, yet they see nothing wrong with Trumps antics of personal at attacks on other conservatives, in particular, Trump’s word association pedophile hash tag laid on Carson.?

And social conservatives thought the GOP and the celeb Reaganites were tough on Santorum, just before they jumped on chauffer Coulter’s Romney bandwagon.  A sentiment they all disavow now.

Santorum and the beating his family took has nothing on what they’re doing to Carson the Christian.
If they stand behind Trump now they have equated and sublet their bowed heads, beloved Reaganism  to nothing more than an Apprentice reality show and now pay homage to an aspiring ego larger than even Obama could display without blushing and blustering.

‘All’ the Ronnie Reagan Radio Talking Hosts are losing any credible sincerity they have left

Seriously, the guy who believes Planned Parent has redeeming qualities, Donald Trump, as President of the most powerful nation on earth?

This is the best conservatives can do in response to two terms of Obama?

The only reason not one of  these talk show hosts will commit to a conservative candidate is that they don't want to be associated with a big jerk or a big loser until they rabsolutely have to. Sincerity loses to personal brand and ratings.... the talk 'artist sellouts' sell-outs of American Conservatism. 

Don't stand in front of the populist tank, guys it might cost you something remarkably less than your life and from now on just STFU,

Paul Gordon

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