Friday, October 16, 2015

'Pro-Life' Conservatives Voting For Abortion, Analogy

For all the so-called conservative Catholics, even those active in pro-life work (apparently), let me offer up an analogy you might be able to relate to because it too involves money in or out of your pocket.

One thing we should be able to agree on is that there is no more important issue than abortion.

Despite what populism screams, all my senses tell me we are talking of the killing of babies, or that which assures me of nothing less then the affirmation that evil exists unchallenged in contrast to unrelenting bombardment on goodness... challenged even in lone Crucifixion, responsible for nothing evil, claimed in nefarious affiliation or membership...  and throughout history, present and future.

What evil can be foisted on a lamb, (or newborn) let alone adopted, one second or one million years later at peace in blissful haven incapable of  communication with evil? Yet, Christianity should suffer assault not only for what it is, but for what it never was but projected  so by evil itself.

If we can understand this, how can we fathom any 'lessor' of devils to gift our mark... our support, that evil will abdicate its strength gained and locked in seemingly endless safe blindness to the world? North America's greatest mistake was leaving true humble Christianity behind not being guided by it.

We should also be in agreement that the democratic electoral process sistered with and by (politically appointed) judicial humanist fiat, is a major avenue to which any hope of ever being able to make a change in direction, in these morally grotesque and highly indefensible acts of taking the lives of the most vulnerable in our own corner of the world.

A sovereign 'made in Canada', national self- damning and wilful act, not only celebrated in and of 'heroes' at one,with death and bloodied hands, and shone as a never imagined Canadian 'value' that would make villainous, those of sane logic where plain reason is as glorious as it could ever be ingratiated for once, and maybe only once, at the bequest of innocence, the beauty of an illusive real love, irreprochable of attack or trick on the intellect, guarded and treasured in and by...the spirit.  

For this is an opportunity like no other for one to sincerely do the 'right thing' and genuinely feel good. The one time democracy can lift itself up, from its ugly descent into a politically devoured game of  social societal fodder as valueless gold for the cynics ... just another temptation of narcissism to be gotten while it can, if but to spite oneself. With no God there is only today.

Many who would frequent a neighborhood gas station and may only be casually loyal, might go to a competitor down the road if they would offer a penny less per unit.  It might make the difference for them in 'principle', if not in pocket to patronize the cheaper station.

If a large number of customers  did the same thing (and it was up to the retailer himself, as maybe it once was) he would be forced to match his competitor(s) price to have a chance to maintain his profit level or take a temporary loss, or eventually over a sustained loss may have to shut down but for the sake of a penny.  In all likelihood he will simply lower his price a penny too.

But, if these customers were more akin to giving the neighborhood station the business for the sake of a penny because the owner was affable maybe shared their culture, some of their beliefs, and opinions..whatever, the station owner would not be likely to lower his price to match his competitor(s).  Then the difference becomes two cents a unit and than five cents a unit.

There is nothing that will make the neighborhood station owner lower his price if the same loyal customers keep patronizing his station and he keeps making as much or even more than before.
Not even his employees sympathetic to the now over charged customers are going to change his mind.

So the Prime Minister's office, (or the Premier's office, in the case of the Provinces) is the 'boss' in the political sense. They don't have to strictly adhere to 'party' conventional wisdom or policy or stay with the platform once elected as they continually demonstrate, so they don't have to, and won't listen to their 'employees' in the party who are the pro-life backbenchers sympathetic to the pro-life customers (voters) they attract to the station, if they don't believe it to be in their 'personal' interest as steady as is the case.

The surest way to keep the status quo, all pro-abortion parties all pro-abortion (as like the last thirty years and more) is to keep giving them your business... the business that only benefits them and increasingly thanklessly and arrogantly so. There is no difference whatsoever in expected, and proven results. Voters are the only variable in the equation capable of changing the status quo..and the beauty of democracy sometimes is in withholding one's vote to effect change if there are no pro-life 'parties' running in one's riding.

Paul Gordon

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