Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sophistication: When The Obvious is Never Observed

The Obvious Is Never Observed Anymore

Listening to the Roy Green radio talk show on the way to Mass on Saturday evening day the after the Paris terrorist attacks I was not surprised to hear his Muslim guest apologist come on.

We were reminded by the Hamilton resident celebrity Muslim that no one suffers more from Muslim terrorists than Muslims themselves and that Muslims are the real victims here.

Well… there is a very good reason for that and it’s not the West’s problem, although the murdering of Christians is a problem the West takes no interest in.
Furthermore, there is an easy remedy every Muslim has at their disposal if they are being killed by the very religion born out of the plainly violent texts that they embrace. 

Islam is and was meant to be the religion of choice for bullies and for men to have women as their personal playthings an

Mohamed, the very initiator prophet of Islam, itself was certainly no Christ the Saviour (that the majority of the rest of the planet embraces). Christ the most and longest scrutinized religious figure has never been found to be illogical, having an ulterior motive, or proven to be without perfection of love and mercy for just two facts.

In fact, there Is nothings redeeming about true and historical Islam at all.
Islam ‘cultural’ barbaric rites to the day of female mutilation and the promotion of Sharia law, two facets the ‘peaceful’ Muslims who fled to the free West wish to promote and immerse themselves in.

I put it to Western Muslims, Is it ‘okay’ to stand for what Nazis stood for, only not their tactics? Is it ‘okay’ to be comfortable with abortions but it would be personally abhorrent to have one yourself?

However, the real tragedy in all of this is that Islamic terrorists are the real bona fide true adherents to the so-called religion not the new and improved Western nomads who resettled from the homelands.

Trite, but no less true, Western ‘social Muslims’ enable by smearing the gaudy lipstick on the historical pig of Islam when in fact, no religion can shake such an evil ever present spine from its body without destroying itself totally. 

There will always be Islamic terrorists as long as there is a base ‘religion’ calling for it.. and as long as  brutal bullies can use it and their social apologists to be girded in it.

It is ‘critical’ that ‘peaceful’ Muslims of the West disavow Islam not just the terrorists that go hand in hand. Retain their cultural social clubs, by all means and their adapted rules, form a new religion, but lose the non-religion that has never done anything for anyone except the strongest and the meanest of the males. 

The evil of the West is that the parasite of political correctness will abandon a cause it latches on to that doesn’t abandon itself.

No hope, is the sad Truth of political correctness.. that is always a bridge too far!  

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