Sunday, June 28, 2015

Teachers! We Dunt Need No Stinkin Teachers

Homeschooling Time Has Arrived 

  • Every aspect of every subject is already, or can be taught on youtube with or without help of ‘professional’ teachers and approached from different teaching aspects of choice.
  •  Subjects are learned in the cfort and security of the home.  
  •  Lessons can be replayed, stopped, slowed down or sped up with pupil’s pace and level 
  • Pupils are neither slowed down to accommodate those with learning disabilities nor left to feel less than adequate to those with exceptional learning abilities.
  • Academic learning can be restricted to academic learning without infiltration of special interests agendas, without political party forced influence, or teacher union vested interest so prevalent today.
  • Learning time is not wasted leaving more time for chosen social settings with chosen age appropriate peer groups and sport participation including individual sport development.
  • Where other points of view are left out or given short shrift in public academic classrooms or forums giving great credence to official line proofed in the social sciences and humanities steeped in political correctness that defy consciences at the very least the views, beliefs and values of the family over the populist indebted national values are respectfully explored.
  • Instead of relying on political party infested inept bureaucracies or rogue bureaucracies to decide limited or conversely, over exposed cultural and social experimentation as a means to a political convenient end, such situations are left to be monitored by the family.
  • The years of innocence are set and decided by the family not the un-invested state.
  • In the ‘enlightened’ age of un-supervised recess and previously avoided ‘back alley’ social interaction, with no promise or guarantee of even ‘age expected’ innocence, in fact, class room adult subject nudged interactions there is no better alternative than homeschooling attainable even with both parents in the workplace.
  • Age and social appropriate ‘entertainment’ is not left entirely to the often disturbing discretion of the financial centred incessantly envelope pushing music and entertainment media.. nor, is celebrity wisdom groupie attribution granted with an adult in the room.
  • With less monopoly union, bricks, glass, technology and security state education obviously less taxes imposition on families but that governments wouldn’t find somewhere else to spend such a windfall. Governments would secretly welcome a hundred percent move to homeschooling for the money savings alone were they not vote indebted to unions with family paid taxes.


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