Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ontario's Greece: Teacher's and Public Unions

Ontario’s Greece: Teacher’s and Public Unions.

When Greece recently changed governments, their public unions did a ‘Kathleen Wynne’ and whipped up enough votes to elect a silly group who promised them they would overrule international European creditors led by Germany and keep the good rolling.

Greece would not bow to their creditor fairy Godmother’s reasonable  (under the circumstances) austerity measures and yet expected Europe to keep making their national payroll for them.

Under the European Union they were all their brother’s soft touch, were they not?

Under the real properties of money which neither, unionists or their crazy uncle Karl learned in their very own schools is that money seeks its own level with as much indifference to those around it as a sewer flooded basement. Too bad…so sad!

Bleeding hearts bleed as far and as long as other pockets can be pinched by political hook or judicial crook.

The first Pilgrims and first real social experiment, this on the e on the aesthetic volunteer principle of St. Paul’s Christian brand of socialism, soon learned that neighbours could get out of putting out for the community good and still collect on the backs of others became a no brainer for the sloths if an opportunity for bad acting.

…And at a time and place, no less, when survival itself was at stake not just a new boat or cottage.

Hot on Greece’s trail Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario liberals have already played out the hand of borrowing as much as they could without burdening future electorates to the ‘ridiculous’ just to keep giving public unions unrealistic salaries wherein just cost of living allowances make private salary increases pale in the principle salary base.

Dalton McGuinty actually played out that hand just before he bailed and forgot the ‘all spent’ memo to his underling Wynne.

So now Greece is just beginning to experience hospital financial shortages that are impacting patients worse than OHIP ever came close to, yet.

So teacher’s and public unions, is this where you want this financial downgraded Province to end up?

That ought to make you very popular outside of your own social circles.


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