Monday, March 2, 2015

Toronto Maple Leafs: Proof of God...

Toronto: Definitive Proof of God’s Existence

How could there not be a God?

By secular supreme scientific logic itself, the earth is the only planet in existence that is supporting intelligent life. This is a blatant truth of reality proved by the very existence of the billions of other planets in the universe.

Scientists tell us that within billions of other solar systems there is (logically) an infinite number of other planets, many, strategically placed within their own solar systems in relation to their suns to be able to sustain atmospheres capable of sustaining intelligent life.

In addition, many…. thousands, perhaps millions of these  ‘earths’, would be thousands, millions, even billions of years older than our planet and therefore by earth’s ‘evolution’ rules of ‘consensus’ be at tremendous stages of advancement ahead of our own!

So by anyone’s logic, (even a lowly Christian’s), would it not make sense that at least 
one of these millions or billions of years’ older planets at various technological ‘ever scientific advancing’ stages of civilizations not endeavor to make contact with such a quaint backwards planet such as our own?

Or, …. is there a politically correct conspiracy of the intergalactic socialist ruling councils to never interfere with the history of the earthlings ala some Gene Roddenberry 60’s, year of our Lord, tv philosophy?
Of course, it’s much more logical that these scientifically proven to exist ‘earths’  are simply not populated with any intelligent life or life at all, going by the consensus science of evolution.

This logical (and theological) fact would lend itself perfectly to the fact that a Creator 
exists and that the earth is in fact… the center of the universe.  

The climax of life forms, humanity, exists only because of a myriad of God created scientific ‘ducks In a row’ that predate, and will postdate… man.

Every ‘natural’ micro and macro scientific and mathematical rule, law, and measurement thereof, necessary to sustain and be bountiful of simultaneous life  forms (and only understandable by human life) was the Creator made universe  environment…. for earth alone.

Within the big blue marble what would be life without all the experiences of life in interaction with nature and social interaction. Experiences, dazzling and euphoric in youth and innocence if not cast to Hell in adult narcissism, cynicism and prideful desire to rule, master and control?

However, the greatest proof of the existence of God is found in the more than Karma 
punishments of secular hedonistic, yet comparatively geographically small megpopulated cities and political, judicial, academic and entertainment sodomy obsessed Mecca’s of control.

Take tragedy sensationalism starved Toronto for example. (recent example being the 
‘mystery’ tunnel affair)   … What could possibly depress the absolute Hell out of a politically prim and pompous socialist mob-think of time-tabled harried channel directed,  emotionally parcelled, followers than to inflict the Toronto Maple Leafs on it.

And we know of this plague’s monumental effects, because of all the constant wailing and gnashing of teeth broadcasted on air waves dispensed to the universe for any who will listen, of those emotionally and singularly enamored with one of life’s most tedious sideshow aspects, yet one of major economic importance for all its temporal priority seemingly, second to nothing else but the big Smoke’s Hollywood like obsession with homosexuality (which explains a lot in itself).

Hat’s off to Leaf intrepid owners of a truly capitalist’s dream… It’s no small feat to be able to capture and encapsulate seemingly for eternity, the very souls and hearts of men in deference to all else   while the State subverts and conspires to blow up their families around them and rape their children’s innocence and souls  in the name of the greater good for the soulless politically correct community whose singular absurd altruistic  goal is to split the atom of fairness into applied utopian socialism.

Yes, Toronto has yet to celebrate its venerated Toronto Maple Leaf hockey extended team in decades in a single parade of winners.

Like pigs in poop with no apparent desire to strive for something…anything, else  Toronto is all too  happily resigned to its Human Rights indebted annual inflations of week long hot summer anal fests. Yes, it’s exactly absurd as it sounds.

Too bad, urban cesspools just like Toronto and their one or two choices of like-constituted political parties, rule great diametrically opposed geographical areas outside of their city limits by population alone and increasingly in much more than politics and civil governance.

Paul Gordon

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