Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Show the Truth,

Show The Truth is a peaceful predominately Catholic group that travels throughout Ontario and select areas of Canada silently displaying graphic posters of actual aborted babies from various women at various stages of pregnancy.

Jesus Christ, of course, was the most famous victim whose nature was of the same, in fact, His 'owned'... Truth.  There is only one Truth morally, and only one truth, historically that often never sees the light of day.. only various interpretations sometimes out of context and only a snapshot. And too there is no eternal rest of history as modern leftist agendas are motive enough for revisionism.

Many people especially the majority of modern Catholics, not disturbed by images of bloodied dismembered babies ('not' disturbed, else why do they only attack the messengers and keep electing populist death culture politicians and their party incestuous owing justices, ensuring the uninterrupted carnage) would claim to be disturbed by the Crucifixion of Christ.

Yet, would Jesus Christ the ultimate all loving servant of man and God even put himself above the modern the 'wastes' of loose and common politically inspired practice of baby slaughtering?
Certainly not by any measure of logic owned Truth.

Now this may all be (obviously is) beyond the scope of your average Canadian licensed automobile driver but I don't know of their truth birthed of a social illness that inspires mostly young teenage and young adult women and men to hang out their car windows and doors, shouting obscenities, throwing various articles at the messengers, and cheering on the invariable long liberal liberated sociopath from attacking young girls and white haired seniors along the silent peaceful line.

But, here's one thing all Canadians should be concerned with. These messengers of fact and moral Truth get little support except the odd upward turned thumb from the top of a quick passing steering wheel.
Pro lifers in general have talked many abortion seeking women from entering abortion clinics through love and reasoning especially Canada's only ever 'political' populist prisoner, frail senior, Lynda Gibbons.

They get abused by many including their own, like populist coward Canadian Bishops and Cardinal Collins of Toronto.

This is the almighty part and parcel of the whole establishment of present and future leaders of Canada.
The Catholic Justin Trudeau model of the future.

The real Truth is that the vast majority of drivers are visibly disturbed by the Truth and scurry by, while a big percentage of those aggressively lash out at the messengers.

Funny, I didn't know the Truth required 'strategy' where propaganda tells your mind that all your senses are lying to you. Just for one, the most hated politicians are those that employ 'strategies' at the expense of the one moral Truth of the most famous Victim.

Strategies just keep you up at nights scheming and restless during the day worrying when the jig will be up.

You can always ride Truth to Heaven where sides are a given... Winning or losing strategies I'm not so sure.
Paul Gordon

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