Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yes! Coren Fill-In, Faith Goldie Takes It To Catholic Church

Life-Site has posted a Sun TV (Canada's only Conservative Version of Fox News) video of Faith Goldie tearing a strip off the Catholic Church for not addressing the Trudeau abortion factor.

Of course, they won't the Canadian liberal Catholic Church is too embarrassed for all the Bishops and Priests who attended Justin's father's funeral where Justin made an ass of himself for his Friends Romans' Countrymen eulogy turned selfie political speech!

But what the Catholic Church now under one- of- the- guys, Buddy (Smiley) Francis (who needs to think of himself as the CEO for saving souls, not for selling cars  if sees his job as PR man for the worldly Vatican or Karl Marx),  doesn't get out of 'deadly reality' is that these politicians (and their politically appointed justices/activists) are not just ordinary populist celebrities such as Jim Flarety (probably not Catholic in his case) with cool opinions... they temporary stewards  in the 'only' positions of power to actually change laws, opinions and attitudes taught to our youth in Marxist gripped intellectual prisons alias public education.

The Church's defining silence where a baby's cry is a scream, is their complicit support of this deadly now mundanely treated status quo!  And that's the Truth!

Worry about women in the world, not whether their altar girls, ushers, 'extraordinary' ministers or male readers of the Passion Parts, or CWL useful Marxist idiot activists in the Catholic Church!

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