Thursday, October 28, 2010

George Soros, Smart- Ass War Criminal of the Worst Kind

For those who read this blog, I offer my apologies for not writing in a while, but I have been busy with a) long needed house repairs and b) new job with long commute and of course, with many conservatives busy with a large family.

A little while ago, Ezra Levant wrote an article about war crimes committed by George Soros who appears to have morals lower than jelly fish snot which by nature of the new Satanic championed society makes him a liberal well- healed hero who battles his guilt demons by trying to do right by and legitimizing evil, just like Canada's own Dr. Morgantaler.

I guess I just answered  my ensuing question as to why Israeli war criminal hunters have not dragged Soros to court for his only to eager to please, send-offs of fellow Jews... to the gas chambers? We're not talking of a one-off, Inglorious Bastards' cave-in like the farmer anguishing thru a principled life value situation, but a cavalier What can I do for you murderers today? to keep being my only friends.

On another, who cares about evil anymore front? I am never at a loss as to why I should be ashamed to be a Roman Catholic in the Country of Canada. Even, the anti-Catholic media has started to defend Linda Gibbons, the only pro-death held political prisoner, (probably the only long held political prisoner) in Canada for the egregious crime of praying for women and babies inside bubble zones established in iron-clad law under 'temporary injunctions' not unlike the historical 'temporary injunciton' which says homosexual man -dates can't be stopped from carrying on at Catholic prom dances.

Hey, this is the society we vote for every election for our own 30 pieces of silver.

One would be forgiven for skeptical thoughts of the Canadian Church hierarchy and priesthood for their virtual non-existent stand on abortion in Canada, officially, and right down to chicken- soup- for- black souls, homilies.

The Church could have, and still can easily raise enough money to hire Canada's top and most famous lawyer to defend a (albeit non- Catholic) Saint, Linda on a freedom of speech statute at the Supreme Court level.

In fact, the Canadian hijacked version of the Roman Catholic Church has never taken abortion seriously and is now being surpassed by the likes of pro-homo tabloid secular newspapers like the Sun.

Skeptically, one can wonder if the Church is rife with narcissistic homosexual priests who would have no interest in babies period, or who just cannot be truly awed by the universal and spiritual all importance of  life itself, blessed in the realization of person- through the innocence and beauty of babies. 

Take no prisoners in life,  faith, and protection of family and youth and pass this no-more-bull message on.

Paul Gordon
Ontario Canada


The Sun tabloid chain has since recanted Ezra Levant's article on George Soros and apologized to Soros like it has never apologized and kissed butt to anyone before.

Considering one of the richest men in the world had his lawyers threaten to sue the Sun chain (no doubt for every cent they have), and the fact that Levant himself did not and has not issued an apology and retraction I'll be withholding my retraction and apology as well.

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