Saturday, May 15, 2010

First Ladies Must Be From Hades

First Ladies Must Be From Hades

Et tu, Laura Bush. No wonder George the younger wouldn't meet pro-lifers standing outside the White House except by phone a National Pro-life Marches ago.

I chalked it up to one of George's rare Assbergers moments like when he played with volley ball vixens at the citizen repressed, Chi-Com Olympics. (Even Harper wouldn't go though being typically and topically Harper, he embraced the commies later with financial trading).

However, it turns out Laura was/is no different from Mommsy- in- law Babs, or Mommy Dearest, Nancy Reagan or Lesbian writer, and mother Mrs. rather plainy Cheny.

Did anyone ever see the short docu- video of Barbara Bush showing off the White-House digs...what a was like, giddy Texas old bird thinks she's Queen Elizabeth, (like that's a prize in itself)?

Why do pro- abortion, pro-homo republican women of the non-conservative ilk stay with big time republican men if they don't agree with them on the most fundamental of religious/political/moral character of issues?? (If these male political animals didn't actually agree with their wives while selling their souls to politics, as their wives sold their souls for marrying into fame). Who really wore all the President's pants?

Nothing surprises me anymore, but I'll never understand the cheap horse-trading of souls in politics.

Evil is as very plain and transparent, as good is, though often blindsided.

Paul Gordon

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